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What is skin prep? Skin preps are solutions used before applying wound dressings, external catheters, or ostomy appliances. Some skin prep produc ... [read more]
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3M Cavilon - No Sting Barrier Film

  • Alcohol-free
  • Waterproof
  • 72 hours of protection
  • Sterile wipe packages
  • Sterile and non-cytotoxic, will not interfere with skin or wound healing
From $19.11

Coloplast Prep - Protective Skin Barrier Film

  • Ideal protection for peristomal skin and any area subject to irritation
  • Protects the skin with a clear, yet visible shield that dries quickly
  • Allows the skin to breathe
From $7.34

ConvaTec AllKare - Protective Barrier Wipes

  • Skin prep pads that are cool and soothe the skin
  • Protects against irritation and adhesive build up
  • Convenient and disposable
From $10.29

Hollister Adapt - No Sting Skin Protective Dressing Wipes

  • Protects skin from skin stripping due to frequent removal of tape and skin barriers
  • Ostomy supplies that provide a layer of added protection over the skin
  • Single use wipe
From $10.29

Smith and Nephew - Tincture of Benzoin Skin Prep Spray

  • A skin prep that enhances tape's adhesion
  • Protects sensitive skin from adhesives and body fluids
  • Available in 4 oz spray bottle for easy application
From $27.50

Smith and Nephew - No Sting Skin Prep

  • Alcohol free formula reduces stinging
  • Skin barrier applies easily, even in hard to reach areas
  • Moves naturally with the skin and won't crack or peel
  • Ideal for use with drainage tubes, external catheters, ostomy sites, and adhesive dressings
From $8.32

Smith and Nephew - Skin Prep Protective Wipes/Spray

  • Acts as a breathable skin barrier
  • Enhances tape/appliance adhesion
  • Shields sensitive skin around stomas
  • Reduces friction on tape/adhesive removal
From $6.36

Coloplast Brava - Skin Barrier Wipes/Spray (Sting Free)

  • Acts as a breathable skin barrier
  • Enhances tape/appliance adhesion
  • Reduces friction on tape/adhesive removal
From $12.71

Uro-Care URO-PREP - Protective Skin Prep Wipes

  • Breathable skin barrier
  • Enhances tape/appliance adhesion
  • Less friction during tape/adhesive removal
From $16.43

Medline Sureprep - Protective Skin Prep Wipes

  • Enhances tape/appliance adhesion
  • Reduces friction on tape/adhesive removal
  • When applied directly to wound bed, it acts as a barrier to bacterial contamination
From $10.13

Medline Sureprep - No-Sting Skin Protectant Wipes

  • Alcohol-free, sting free formula
  • Formulated for delicate skin
  • Enhances tape/appliance adhesion for ostomy, condom catheters, and wound care
  • Protects skin from friction, adhesive stripping, and body fluids
  • Fast drying, skin remains breathable
From $33.26

ConvaTec ESENTA Sting-Free Skin Barrier Wipes

  • Box of 25
  • Forms a breathable barrier on skin
  • Protects skin for up to 72 hours
  • Silicone based, not made with natural rubber latex
  • CHG compatible (CHG is a bathing soap that kills germs)
  • Skin safe, even with frequent use
  • Helps prevent irritation and skin damage caused by stoma output, enzymes, body waste, and medical adhesives
  • Perfect for colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy
From $18.31

ConvaTec Esenta Sting-Free Skin Barrier Spray

  • Silicone based skin prep
  • Perfect for ostomy and wound care
  • 50 ml spray bottle
  • Protects skin for up to 72 hours
  • Safe and effective with frequent use
  • Reduces the risk of skin damage and irritation
  • No sting, alcohol free
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, latex free
From $19.33

What is skin prep?

Skin preps are solutions used before applying wound dressings, external catheters, or ostomy appliances. Some skin prep products help clean the skin, while others leave a protective barrier on the skin. Each serves its own purpose and addresses specific needs.

Additional Information

Skin prep products such as barrier wipes and sprays are frequently used in ostomy care and wound care. These products create an invisible layer on your skin to protect it from adhesive, stomal output, and friction. This layer makes it less painful to remove bandages and ostomy wafers. If you have sensitive skin, a no-sting skin prep formula may be the best option since it does not contain alcohol. Read our blog for helpful tips on how to use skin prep.

Adhesive removers are designed to eliminate any leftover residue from the skin. Products like wound dressings, otomy wafers, and external catheters can lead to a build up of adhesive on the skin's surface. Leaving any adhesive on the skin makes it harder for your next medical product to stick to your body properly.

Torbot is a leading brand of ostomy skin care products. Torbot liquid skin adhesive and adhesive wipes are quick drying and form a strong hold to the skin. This company also makes individually wrapped adhesive remover wipes that remove even the strongest ostomy adhesive while still being gentle on skin. If the skin around your stoma ever becomes irritated, Torbot aloe skin care wipes provide moisture and soothe the affected area. These wipes can also be used on sunburns, scrapes, and dry skin.

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