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Night Drainage Bottles

Night Drainage Bottles

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Picture of ConvaTec - Night Drainage Container Set

ConvaTec - Night Drainage Container Set

  • 2000ml night drainage container
  • Tubing is approximately 58" in length
  • Tubing is compatible with Convatec's urostomy pouches
  • Collects urine over a longer period of time
From: $36.45
Picture of ConvaTec - Tubing for Night Drainage Container

ConvaTec - Tubing for Night Drainage Container

  • Length: 58"
  • Connects to universal adapter
  • Accessory for ConvaTec night drainage container set
From: $9.95
Picture of Urocare - 2000cc Night Drainage Bottle

Urocare - 2000cc Night Drainage Bottle

  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • 60" of vinyl tubing
  • Includes Urocare's "Little Red Anti-Reflux Valve"
  • Large bottom surface area
From: $48.95
Picture of Urocare - 4000cc Night Drainage Bottle

Urocare - 4000cc Night Drainage Bottle

  • Reusable
  • Latex free
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and reusable
From: $71.95
Product Information

Night drainage bottles are large-capacity, reusable containers that collect urinary drainage while sleeping. The urine flows out of a Foley catheter or external catheter, through the included tubing, and into the plastic container. A night bottle is used in place of a leg bag while in bed or sleeping. Overnight drainage bottles have extra-long tubing to enable constant drainage and a more comfortable night's sleep. Some people prefer drainage bottles compared to drainage bags because of their durable construction. Night bottles also feature a wide base, which makes them less likely to tip or spill.

Overnight drainage bags are cost-efficient alternatives for those needing a urinary drainage system. They hang bedside and are replaced more frequently, reduceing the risk of a bacterial or urinary infection. A night bag serves the same purpose as a leg bag, but are designed to hold more liquid. This prevents you from having to empty the bag throughout the night. A leg bag cannot be used during the night because of it's smaller capacity and because the horizontal sleeping position would inhibit proper urine flow. Please visit our blog for more information on the differences between overnight drainage bags and urinary leg bags.

Catheter tubing is designed to direct urine from a catheter and into a urinary leg bag or night drainage bottle. Clamps are used along with tubing to help control the flow of urine. Both of these items should be replaced periodically to prevent any urinary infections or blockages. Even with regular cleaning, urinary tubing and adapters can become clogged or emit a strong odor after time. We carry urinary catheter extension tubing in a variety of lengths from top brands such as Bard, Urocare, Hollister, and Medline. Remember to stock up on replacement tubing, anti-reflux valves, and all of your catheter supplies before you need them.

If you choose to purchase reusable urological supplies, it is important to regularly sanitize them with medical equipment cleaner. Doing so will extend the life of your supplies and keep them performing at their best. Urine can crystallize within the bottles or catheter tubing, causing odor and possible blockages. Appliance cleansers are designed to dissolve uric crystals without damaging the plastic. Many of the cleansers we carry are also suitable for sanitizing ostomy equipment.

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