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Catheter Bag Kits

Catheter Bag Kits

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Picture of Bard Dispoz-A-Bag - Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

Bard Dispoz-A-Bag - Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

  • Easy to use Flip-Flo valve
  • Compares to BAR150632 and BAR150619
  • Kit includes fabric leg straps and 18" non-latex extension tubing
  • Each, case of 50
From: $7.45
Picture of Conveen Security+ Contour Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

Conveen Security+ Contour Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

  • Latex free
  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging
  • Clamp outlet makes it easy to verify proper closure
  • Multiple chambers provide extra security
  • Soft non-woven fabric backing
  • Each, box of 10
From: $7.95
Picture of Conveen Security+ Leg Bag with Tubing and Straps

Conveen Security+ Leg Bag with Tubing and Straps

  • Extended outlet tube
  • Flocked back, anti-kink tubing, and leg straps
  • 500 ml or 1000 ml leg bag with clamp lever
  • Each, box of 10
From: $7.95
Picture of Hollister - Urinary Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

Hollister - Urinary Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

  • Latex free
  • Pleated leg bag
  • Includes extension tubing and leg bag straps
  • Each, box of 12
From: $13.45
Product Information

Leg bag kits are pre-packaged sets that include a leg bag, catheter tubing, and leg bag straps. If you use a Foley catheter or external catheter, all of these items are necessary for proper cathing. These convenient, all-in-one kits keep you from having to purchase your urological supplies separately. They also assure that the tubing and straps are compatible with the leg bag you choose. The catheter tubing connects to the end of your catheter. The leg bag is then connected to the opposite end of the tubing. Urine flows out of the catheter, through the tubing, and into the collection bag. The drainage bag is then emptied when necessary.

Catheter tubing should be replaced periodically, as uric crystals can build up within the tubing and cause a blockage. We carry extension tubing that can be purchased separately to keep on hand. If the tubing that is included with your leg bag is not long enough, you can add additional tubing using a small connector. The catheter tubing can also shortened by cutting it to your desired length. It is important that your tubing is the correct length. If the tubing is too long, it can get caught on objects and affect urine flow. If it is too short, the catheter can become dislodged. We carry tubing in several materials, including rubber and latex-free vinyl.

A leg bag is not designed to be worn overnight or while laying down. If a leg bag is in a horizontal position, the urine can flow back up the tubing instead of draining into the bag. There are special night bags for catheters that hang next to or below the bed to prevent backflow. These large capacity drainage bags hold more liquid than leg bags, so you do not have to empty them in the middle of the night. Overnight bags also come with longer tubing to allow you to move freely throughout the night without pulling on the catheter. Like leg bags, night catheter bags have a drainage outlet at the bottom so that you can easily empty the bag in the morning.

Night bottles serve the same purpose as night drainage bags. These durable plastic bottles sit next to the bed to collect urine drainage overnight. They have a large bottom surface area to prevent them from being tipped over during the night. Unlike overnight bags, night bottles do not have a drainage valve. Instead, you will disconnect the catheter tubing and empty the urine through the opening at the top of the container. Some people prefer bottles over drainage bags because they are reusable. Express Medical Supply sells several urinary drainage bottles from brands like Urocare and Convatec.

If you choose to use a night drainage bottle, it is important that you regularly disinfect it with a liquid appliance cleaner. This product is designed to quickly clean and remove odors from your urological equipment. It also breaks up urinary crystals. Combining a urological cleaning brush with the cleanser will help you reach the bottom of the collection bottle easily.

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