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Colostomy irrigation is the process of passing water through the stoma to manually flush the colon at a given time. This regulates bowel movements a ... [read more]

Coloplast Economy - Irrigation Set with Integrated Thermometer

  • Ostomy supplies for colostomy irrigation
  • Ideal for 1 and 2 piece ostomy bags
  • Easy to use and read with bold lettering and a wide opening
  • Ostomy Irrigation set includes: water bag, intergrated thermometer, stoma cone, tubing
From $42.41

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Stoma Cone

  • Soft and flexible stoma cone
  • Tough interior of cone prevents premature collapse
  • Compatible with the Convatec Visi-Flow irrigator
  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
From $12.45

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigator with Stoma Cone

  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
  • Thumb-control flow regulator
  • Boldly printed volume graduations
  • Reusable collection bag with "paddle wheel" flow indicator
From $36.45

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigation Sleeve (Transparent)

  • Collection sleeve for stomal output
  • Ostomy tail clip closure included with sleeve
  • Compatible with Convatec SUR-FIT and SUR-FIT Natura
From $30.95

Hollister - Combination Irrigation Kit

  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
  • Top opening of bag allows easy access for stoma cone
  • Irrigation kit includes: 1500cc irrigator, stoma cone, and cleaning brush
From $38.95

Hollister - Stoma Irrigator Sleeve with Belt Tabs

  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
  • Top opening provides easy access for a stoma cone
  • Attached closure and belt tabs for security
From $54.95

Hollister Adapt - Stoma Lubricant

  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
  • Mess free bottle
  • Easily cleans up with soap and water
  • Eliminates friction for safe, easy insertion of a stoma cone into stoma
From $8.95

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigation Adapter Faceplate

  • Ostomy irrigation faceplate
  • Fits flange sizes 1 3/4" and 2 3/4"
  • For use with Visi-Flow ostomy irrigation products
From $12.45

ConvaTec SUR-FIT - Irrigation Sleeve Tail Closures

  • Ostomy supply for irrigation
  • Clicking noise audibly ensures security
  • Precision molded clamp for comfort and flexibility
  • For use with ostomy irrigation sleeves
From $25.45

Hollister New Image - Irrigator Sleeve

  • Drainable ostomy irrigation sleeve with an odor-barrier film
  • Floating flange locks into place with an audible click for confidence and security
  • Transparent for easy visibility
From $30.45

Coloplast Assura - Irrigation Sleeve (Transparent)

  • Collection sleeve for stomal output
  • Disposable, adhesive-backed irrigation sleeve
  • Compatible with SenSura and Assura ostomy wafers
From $27.39

Coloplast Assura - Irrigation Faceplate

  • Tabs for use with an ostomy belt
  • Allows one-piece appliance users to irrigate with an irrigation set
  • After irrigation a stoma cap can be used instead of a full size ostomy bag
From $22.22

Colostomy irrigation is the process of passing water through the stoma to manually flush the colon at a given time. This regulates bowel movements and is sometimes referred to as "training" your ostomy. Most ostomates irrigate at a scheduled time. After performing irriation, your stoma could stop producing output for one to two days. Colostomy irrigation offers benefits such as being able to wear a stoma cap and not having to change your pouch as often. Keep in mind that this procedure is not always effective or suitable for everyone. It is important to talk to your doctor or nurse to determine whether ostomy irrigation is right for you.

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