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Toilet Seat Cushions

Toilet Seat Cushions

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Picture of ROHO Commode Seat - Shower/Commode Air Cushion

ROHO Commode Seat - Shower/Commode Air Cushion

  • 2" Cell height (low profile) seat cushion
  • Helps prevent pressure sores
  • ROHO cushion distributes weight and pressure evenly
  • Minimizes shear and friction
  • Made in the USA
From: $299.45
Picture of ROHO Toilet Seat Cushion - Air Cushion for Toilet/Commode Seat

ROHO Toilet Seat Cushion - Air Cushion for Toilet/Commode Seat

  • Made in the USA
  • Positions the body securely to the seat with multi-height cells
  • Straps securely fasten the cushion to the toilet seat or bedside commode
  • Made of impermeable, anti-static, flame-resistant, black neoprene (latex free)
From: $199.95
Product Information

Toilet seat cushions position the body comfortably while preventing pressure sores and skin breakdown. The adjustable air cells offer an advantage over foam toilet seat cushions, which cannot be adjusted to redistribute weight and lose effectiveness when compressed. Cushions for toilet seats provide relief from pressure points and reduce the potential risk of pressure wounds by conforming to the contours of the body. Toilet seat cushioning can help make daily bathroom tasks much easier for wheelchair users or anyone needing stability in the bathroom. Roho toilet cushions attach directly to the toilet seat and have a waterproof and latex-free neoprene exterior that is easily cleaned and disinfected between uses. Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of toilet cushions.

Along with toilet seat cushions, Roho manufactures several other types of air cushions for wheelchairs, other seats and mattress overlays designed to provide comfortable seating and prevent potential skin breakdown or shearing during prolonged sitting. The dry floatation technology in Roho air cushions uses a series of multi-height air cells to evenly distribute weight and maximize the stability of the user.

A raised toilet seat makes the toilet more accessible for those with limited mobility or anyone finding it difficult to sit on or stand up from the toilet. Whether you have arthritis or are recovering from surgery, using an elevated toilet seat can prevent the risk of slips or falls and allow you more independence in the bathroom. Raised toilet seats with arms offer additional support when transitioning on and off the seat.

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