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Compression stocking accessories can help maintain the life of your medical compression garments while preventing snags and tears in the material. Don ... [read more]
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Jobst Stocking Donner - Compression Stocking/Support Hose Aid

  • Assists people with arthritis or limited bending ability
  • Simply mount the support stocking, grasp the handles, and step down
  • An easy way to don compression stockings, support stockings, or support hose
From $26.74

Sigvaris Hold Up Skin Adhesive - Roll-On Body Adhesive

  • Washes off easily with water
  • A gentle roll on stocking adhesive
  • Convenient 2 oz travel size bottle
  • Ideal for use with compression stockings, support stockings, and knee highs
From $12.36

Sigvaris - Compression Stocking/Support Hose Donning Gloves (Latex)

  • Help prevent runs and snags to stockings
  • Donning/gripping gloves with raised ridge surface
  • Easy and practical way to put on and take off support stockings
From $6.90

Jobst Jolastic - Compression Stocking/Support Sock Washing Solution

  • Washing solution designed for compression stockings, hose, and socks or other elastic garments
  • 100% biodegradable washing solution
  • Jobst Jolastic is phosphate-free
  • Made in the USA
From $2.62

Mediven Butler Off - Doffing Aid for Compression Stocking Removal

  • Doffing aid for support stockings
  • This product helps you remove your medical stockings
  • Also serves as a long handled shoe horn
  • Put compression stockings on with ease, saves time and energy
From $30.06

Tech Med - 72" Tape Measure

  • Length: 72" Width: 1/4"
  • A reusable tape measure with English and Metric scales
  • Made of a linen-like fiberglass material
  • Excellent for measuring wounds or sizing of stomas, stockings, external catheters, or gloves
From $5.91

Sigvaris - Compression Stocking/Support Sock Washing Solution

  • Designed for compression stockings, hose, or support socks
  • Ideal for those who use compression stockings on a daily basis
  • Gentle washing soulution helps extend the life of the stocking or sock
From $1.35

Mediven Medi-Patient - Compliance Kit (Gloves, Washing Detergent and more)

  • Includes a cd with informational "how to" help for donning stockings
  • Pure, organic detergent that extends the life of the sock
  • Essential product for those who use compression stockings regularly
From $8.32

Jobst - Easy Wash & Wear Kit

  • Gentle washing solution helps to extend the life of the stocking
  • Essential product for those who use compression stockings regularly
  • Wash and Wear Kit includes lingerie bag, donning gloves, and washing solution
From $22.19

HealthSmart Mboss - Rigid Sock Aid Stocking Donner

  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable loop straps for one hand manipulation
  • Ideal donning aid for those who have limited bending ability
  • Molded flexible stocking/sock aid with ridges to keep socks in place
From $16.59

Sigvaris Doff N Donner - Donner and Cone for Compression Stockings and Support Hose

  • Works well with all styles of graduated compression
  • Quick application and removal of compression stocking
  • Cone allows for easier prep time and makes the Doff n Donner easier to use
From $43.96

Juzo - Compression Stocking/Support Sock Concentrated Washing Solution

  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All natural washing solution
  • Ideal for use on all fabrics
From $6.95

Sigvaris - Donning/Gripping Gloves for Compression Stockings (Latex-free)

  • Donning gloves with gripping raised ridge surface
  • Easy and practical way to use during application and removal of support stockings
  • Gripping glove helps prevent runs and snags
From $70.36

ZENSAH - Compression Arm Sleeves

  • UV protection
  • Use with any sport or injury
  • Stabilizes muscles for targeted support
  • Seamless technology for a comfortable fit
  • Increases circulation and decreases swelling
From $22.80

Sigvaris Comprefit - Strap Extender

  • Velcro closure
  • Adds 4 extra inches to compression wrap
  • 2” wide x 8.5” long, including Velcro
  • Machine wash
  • Latex free
From $13.50

Compression stocking accessories can help maintain the life of your medical compression garments while preventing snags and tears in the material. Donning compression socks can be difficult for anyone with limited dexterity and especially with higher compression levels. There are several types of stocking aids that allow you to guide socks or hosiery over the legs without bending at the hip. Devices like the Sigvaris Doff N Donner and Jobst Stocking Donner are popular because they require less strength and effort to use compared with donning gloves.

Sigvaris has a great selection of compression stockings in a range of compression levels and colors. Sigvaris stockings like the Select Comfort and Midtown Microfiber lines are designed to improve circulation in those with moderate to more severe venous issues or who have recently undergone a vein procedure. The Casual Cotton and Access lines are ideal for extended sitting while traveling and for preventing mild swelling or symptoms such as tired, aching legs from developing into more serious issues.

Jobst is another popular manufacturer of support stockings and legwear. There are several different styles of Jobst compression socks available in a range of lengths and compression levels, such as SensiFoot socks for diabetic feet. While cleaning your compression legwear may not be nearly as hard as donning them, stockings should be hand-washed with a washing solution that is made to help preserve stockings, such as the Jobst Jolastic washing solution.

Knowing how to measure for compression socks can be difficult with the differences between brands but our sizing guide can assist you in finding the best compression stockings for your individual needs and preferences. Our wear and care tips has helpful advice for getting the most out of your compression legwear and information on how to wash compression socks. Washing solutions preserve stockings from ripping or breaking down because they are formulated without harsh cleansers like phosphate.

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