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Heel & Elbow Protectors

Heel & Elbow Protectors

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Picture of Brownmed - Herbst Cradle Heel Protector

Brownmed - Herbst Cradle Heel Protector

  • Antibacterial filling
  • Lightweight, cool and soothing to irritated skin
  • Alleviates pressure to the heels and malleoli
  • Bead pockets stilulate blood circulation
  • Hook and loop fasteners allow for secure expedient application
From: $100.31
Picture of Dynarex - Heel/Elbow Protector

Dynarex - Heel/Elbow Protector

  • Reusable and machine washable
  • Relieves pressure at the ankle, heel, and elbow
  • Padded self closure, velcro fastner
  • Water-resistant, breathable material that wicks moisture away from heel or elbow
From: $19.95
Picture of Posey - Heel and Elbow Protector

Posey - Heel and Elbow Protector

  • Machine washable
  • Microfiber filling
  • Relieves pressure and protects skin
  • Velcro fastners provide a secure fit
From: $45.45
Picture of Posey - Premium Heel Guard/Protector

Posey - Premium Heel Guard/Protector

  • Dense foam protects heel and ankle from bruising from incidental contact
  • Promotes air circulation and reduces pressure on heel
  • Heel protector aids in the prevention of foot drop
  • Reduces irritation from bed sheet friction
From: $75.45
Picture of Posey PRO-heeLx - Heel Protector

Posey PRO-heeLx - Heel Protector

  • A heel protector that isolates the heel and protects the skin from breakdown and/or injury
  • A large heel opening and orthowick inner liner help to promote ventilation and wick moisture from the skin
  • Provides 2" of heel lift from hard surfaces and is lightweight
From: $120.95
Product Information

Being confined to bed can cause constant pressure on areas like the heels and elbows. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can lead to bed sores, swelling, and skin damage. Wearing heel and elbow protectors helps prevent these issues. These medical pillows protect at-risk parts of the body and take some of the weight off that area. Heel and elbow protectors are ventilated for proper air flow and have a lining that resists moisture, keeping skin in healthy condition. Heel and elbow protectors also have straps that hold the cushion place and prevent foot drop.

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