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How to Choose Urinary Leg Bag Holders and Straps

How to  Choose Urinary Leg Bag Holders and Straps

Wearing a urine leg bag with your foley catheter or if you are a man using an external condom catheter, doesn't have to be uncomfortable. There are lots of options when it comes to leg bag straps and leg bag holders. The long latex straps that come with many leg bags aren't your only option. There are cloth holders that hold the leg bag against your thigh or your calf. These can be very comfortable because they keep the plastic leg bag off of your skin. This is especially helpful in the summer, hot sweaty weather isn't nice when you have a plastic bag right against your skin.

Styles of Urine Bag Cloth Holders:

Urocare Fabric Urinary Leg Bag Holder for Foley and External Catheters Cloth leg bag holders are made of a cloth sleeve that holds the urinary leg bag without the use of straps. They slide onto the leg and work with a variety of leg bag styles. When purchasing a cloth leg bag holder make sure and check the available sizes to double check that the holder will fit around your leg. You will also want to check the size of your urinary leg bag to make sure it will work with your cloth leg bag holder. Always always take measurements!

Urocare Thigh Fabric Urine Bag Holder & Urocare Knee/Calf Fabric Urine Bag Holder

Can be used with all Uro-Safe Disposable vinyl urinary leg bags. The 9oz, 18oz and 26oz Urocare reusable latex urinary leg bags. The 32oz reusable bag is not a good fit, but can work. It may require an additional strap to hold the top of bag to leg. These bag holders will not work with the Urocare sports bags. Urocare holders are worn on the leg and the urinary leg bag slides into a fitted cloth pocket.

Fabric Urine Bag Holders: Sleeve Style

These styles of urine bag holders are simple sleeves that slide onto the leg and hold the bag in place. The bag is against the skin and the leg bag holder slides over both the leg and the leg bag. These reusable leg bag holders can be used with a variety of leg bags. They come in different sizes so it is a good idea to measure around your leg with the leg bag on your leg to determine which size will work best for you. Keep in mind, you want it to be secure but it should not be excessively tight either. The leg bag holder provides a soft, comfortable fit around your leg or thigh without straps which results in a slim, discreet profile.

Types of Urine Bag Straps:

The easiest way to make sure the leg bag straps you have chosen will work with your leg bag is to buy both from the same manufacturer. For instance, if you are using a Urocare bag it is easier if you choose a Urocare leg bag holder or strap. Even within manufactures there will be some straps that are meant to be worn with a certain bag. They are designed to work together and this can be confusing. Always read the product descriptions to make sure the strap you are buying will work with the leg bag you are using.

Urine Bag Straps with Fasteners:

Urocare Urinary Leg Bag Straps with Fasteners

This style of leg bag strap has velcro fasteners that hold the leg bag onto the strap and then the strap wraps around the leg and is secured with velcro. The fasteners can be adjusted to work with a variety of leg bags and can be tightened and adjusted independently of the leg strap itself so the fasteners can be as tight as needed without constricting the leg. Urocare has some leg bag straps that are called "Fitz-All", always check the description because the "fitz-all" label does not mean the strap is universal. There are very few "universal" leg bag straps.

Bard - Wide Leg Bag Straps with Fabric Backing and Velcro Closure
Urocare - Deluxe Reusable Leg Bag Strap Kit
Urocare - Reusable Fabric Leg Bag Straps
Urocare - Reusable Leg Straps For Sports Bag
Urocare Fitz-All - Fabric Leg Bag Strap

Urine Bag Straps with Velcro: Bard deluxe fabric leg bag strap with velcro
This style wraps around the leg and attaches with Velcro, it is pulled through the slots on the leg bag which holds the bag in place against the leg. Available in different lengths and widths.

Urocare - Universal Fabric Leg Bag Straps

Urine Bag Straps with Buttons:
Bard Rochester Urinary Drainage Leg Bag Strap
This style wraps around the leg and is pulled through the slots on the leg bag and then fastened with a button closure. They are available in latex and latex-free.

Bard Rochester - Urinary Drainage Leg Bag Straps
Urocare - Latex-free Leg Straps with Buttons

Urine Bag Straps that are Specific to a Certain Brand:
Some leg bag straps are designed to only work with one type of leg bag. Hollister makes great leg bags but you can only use one strap with them. If you love your Hollister leg bag but hate the strap, consider using one of the fabric leg bag holders instead. Coloplast is another company that uses specific leg bag straps for their urinary leg bags. You will not be able to use a Hollister bag with a Bard strap or a Coloplast leg bag with a Urocare strap. In some ways it makes things simpler, buy the bag and the matching strap and you know they will work together perfectly!

Hollister - Fabric Urinary Drainage Leg Bag Straps
Coloplast - Fabric Leg Bag Straps

Remember: Always read the directions and descriptions provided to make sure the strap you are choosing is meant to work with the leg bag you are using. The easy way to choose a leg bag strap is to buy one made by the same company that makes the urinary leg bag you are planning on using. You have a better chance that they will be compatible. Take measurements and until you are able to try on your leg bag with your strap together order small quantities. You don't want to be stuck with a large amount of something that doesn't work for you. Which leg bag and strap combo that works for you is personal preference. There is no right or wrong, keep an open mind because if you don't love your current system, you should try something new to see if it works better for you! Contact your online medical supply company and find your better leg bag system.

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