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What Are Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets?

What Are Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets?

What Are Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets?

Cymed Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packs turn liquid output into a uniform gel. The small packets dissolve so you don't have to open them up, just place the packet inside your clean ostomy pouch. When the gel pack comes into contact with liquid output, it will cause the output to form into a gel. This makes the bag easier to drain and it is helps keep the output at the bottom of your bag. When your output is sloshing around inside your bag it can cause leaks because it will often clog up your filter. Absorbent gel packs combat this by dissolving quickly and forming a uniform consistency. The gel packets help to keep the output at the bottom of the ostomy bag and away from the flange and barrier which can help to increase wear time. Your barrier rings won't come into as much contact with liquid so they will erode slower.

Nu-Hope Nu Sorb Absorbtion Grains for Ostomy and Ileostomy Absorbent gel for ostomies are also available in a non-packet scoopable formula called Nu-Hope NU-SORB - Absorption Grains. This kind doesn't come in a pre-measured packet, it is in a jar and you would follow the directions given and put the granules inside the pouch yourself. Both styles work and help to make the liquid inside your ostomy pouch into a uniform gel so it is just a matter of preference which you would like to use. The benefit to the absorbent granules without a packet is that they absorb instantly so you don't have to wait for the film of the little pouch to dissolve. You can also control the amount of granules you are using so if you like to use the amount of granules in 1.5 pouches you can easily do that with the scoop.

How to Use Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets:

How to Use Absorbent Gel Ostomy Packs for Liquid Out-put
  1. Change your ostomy pouch when needed or drain your drainable ostomy pouch
  2. Do not open the packet, it will dissolve naturally
  3. Place a new absorbent gel packet inside the new closed end pouch or newly drained pouch
  4. Attach the ostomy pouch to the wafer or attach the one piece ostomy pouch as usual
  5. As output is released the packet will dissolve and liquid will gel

It is very important that you only put things inside your ostomy pouch that are specifically designed to be used with ostomy pouches! Never place anything inside your pouch unless it is labeled as safe for ostomy. I have read stories where people recommend putting all kinds of things inside the pouch and not only can this cause your pouch to leak (depending on what you put in there) it can also damage the skin around your stoma or the stoma itself. You can find a lot of "life hacks" online, that doesn't mean they are all safe! If you have any doubt about a medical tip you read online, please ask your nurse, doctor, or medical care team. They can help you navigate what is a good idea and what is an ineffective or dangerous idea that can harm you. There are a lot of ostomy accessories to choose from and you always want to use something that will not only help you with your ostomy but keep your skin healthy and happy too.

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