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If you suffer with arthritis in your hands, here’s a simple tip you might not have thought about. Substitute thin inexpensive wash cloths for your prettier heavy ones. The thin cloths lather with less effort, rinse easier and wring drier with less finger pressure. With the thin cloth, it's easy to scrub using only the palm of your hand.

To save money and give added comfort, make your own ostomy appliance covers. Use an old T-shirt or slip. A very light weight material is best so as not to make the ostomy pouch area more bulky.

Polident and Efferdent are very effective for SOAKING your appliance. They deodorize, remove stains and clean. If it’s good for your teeth, it’s good for your appliance.

After any abdominal surgery, heavy lifting, pushing or pulling should be restricted for 6 to 12 months. Check with your doctor. If you are experiencing sore muscles, tiredness and weakness, your potassium level may be low. Finding an online medical supply store can be a huge help because all your medical supplies are delivered right to your door!

Via: Evansville Ostomy Newsletter
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