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How to Use 3M Nexcare Stomaseal Dressings

How to Use 3M Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing

What is a Regulated Colostomy?

A regulated colostomy is when a person uses ostomy irrigation to regulate their stomal output. Ostomy irrigation is a medical procedure that ostomates with a colostomy can use to control their stomal output. It takes time and patience and should be overseen by your medical team. If you are interested in starting ostomy irrigation, contact your ostomy nurse or your physician so you can discuss with them if it is right for you. Ostomy irrigation is intended for people who have a colostomy, if you have an ileostomy then it would be difficult to have success with ostomy irrigation. The benefits of having a regulated colostomy would be controlling your stoma output which would mean you would not have to necessarily wear an ostomy pouch all of the time. Instead you can wear a stoma cap, mini pouch, or a stomaseal dressing.

Ostomy Irrigation Video:

This video gives a lot of great information on how to irrigate your ostomy. This video is for informational purposes and should be used as research. Your medical team will be able to inform and instruct you on the best way for you to irrigate your ostomy and if irrigation is right for you. It would be a great idea to watch this video with your ostomy nurse so you can fully understand the steps to ostomy irrigation and what is involved.

3M Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing:

3M Nexcare Stomaseal Colostomy Dressing If you have been irrigating and you have a regulated colostomy, 3M has a terrific product that can be worn over your stoma. It is a stomaseal dressing that is comfortable to wear and is made with hypoallergenic adhesives. This dressing measures 4" x 4" so it is a generous covering that is still discreet. 3M Nexcare is well known for medical tape and their line of Tegaderm. If you have not tried 3M Nexcare stomaseal, I would highly recommend it. The dressing sticks tightly but still moves with your body, this is a not an immobile or stiff dressing. The pad of the stomaseal dressing absorbs 6X its own weight which means if your stoma does have a little output you are still protected from unwanted leaks. The tape border resists fluid penetration which is another line of defense when it comes to potential leaks. This product is also latex-free. You can use 3M Nexcare Stomaseal for your regulated ostomy as discussed but you can also use it for other applications as well. The stomaseal dressing is a comfortable dressing that is highly absorbent. If you have mucous fistulas or draining lesions this would be a great dressing to try.

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How to Use 3M Nexcare Stomaseal:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse with soap and water and dry the skin around your stoma. For the best adhesion, you will need to remove all oils, creams, or lotions you may have on your skin. You can use a rubbing alcohol wipe if your skin seems extra oily if necessary.
  2. Apply a skin friendly lubricant or petroleum jelly to your stoma if you don't want the dressing rubbing against your stoma directly.
  3. Using a skin prep like 3M Cavilon will protect your skin from the adhesive and it will also help your dressing stick to your skin better. Make sure you let the skin prep solution dry on your skin before you apply the dressing.
  4. Remove the paper liner and expose the dressing and adhesive surface.
  5. Center the dressing over your stoma and secure by gently pressing the adhesive border against the skin around your stoma.
  6. For easy removal, use an adhesive remover wipe and start at the corners and gently work the adhesive remover solution under the adhesive border and gently peel and lift the dressing until it is completely removed.
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