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A Happy Mind Should Produce a Happy Stomach!

We live in stressful times, there really is no avoiding it.  Most of us have heavy concerns with try to balance our work life and home life, raising our children, providing opportunities for our children to go to college, weddings, dating, concerns about the economy, our future retirement, and the list could go on indefinitely.   As well as the numerous other complications that these stressors bring, we often feel these stresses in our stomachs.

Avoid stress as much as possible; sometimes just driving to a meeting can be stressful. When it is impossible to avoid stress, try to learn how to best deal with the unavoidable ones.  Get adequate sleep, and don’t overeat. Sleeping for 14 hours a day is generally a good indication that something is bothering you.  Be careful not to use the bed, or the kitchen, as a withdrawal from life. Even overeating is a withdrawal mechanism.  Both of these can, and will, cause the heart to work much harder.

When was the last time you read a good book, took a walk in the park, or visited a museum? Keeping mentally alert is like exercise for your brain and will dramatically improve your overall intellect as well as giving you a break from life's trials and stresses.

If you believe you are something, you will become it. Find somewhere to go every day that you consider a job. Don’t worry about memory lapses; no one has a perfect memory. Don’t get upset over little annoyances. Tell yourself that you are going to have a good day. Tell yourself at night, “it has been a good day.” Give yourself small pep talks regularly.

Oftentimes we both love and hate each other at the same time…. Love someone as a human being but hate his/her behavior. Be honest. Get your hostility out in a safe atmosphere. Don’t be angry with yourself. Do things for others. Have contact with others. Our bodies are only a conveyance for our minds. No one is more beautiful than each of us in our own right.

Keep active and don’t withdraw.  Be mindful of yourself when you stop going to parties, stop talking to your friends. There is no idealistic setting except as you make it for yourself.

Stress and tension can lead to acidic indigestion.  So keep in mind…  a happy mind should produce a happy stomach.

Written by OstomyHelp Staff and Express Medical Supply
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