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Coloplast Brava - Not Just for Ostomy Care

Coloplast Brava Ostomy Care Not Just for Ostomy Anymore

Coloplast Ostomy is known for making cutting edge ostomy pouch systems and ostomy care accessories. Coloplast has been around for a long time and they have designed some incredible ostomy pouches that help many people live their best life after having an ostomy surgery. What people don't realize is how versatile the Coloplast Brava line of medical products can be for people who don't have an ostomy. If you are currently using Coloplast catheters than you know that this company makes a wide variety of medical supplies.

Who Can Use Coloplast Brava Skin Prep?

Coloplast Brava Skin Prep Anytime you apply adhesive or an adhesive product to your skin it is a good idea to first apply skin prep. The skin prep forms a barrier between your skin and the adhesive. This will cut down on the irritation that is caused by your skin being exposed to adhesive and it also has the added benefit of making your skin "adhesive ready" so the adhesive actually works better. So, the adhesive not only works better but your skin will be more protected than it was before you used the skin prep! Coloplast Brava skin prep comes in a sting-free formula that is alcohol-free so you can avoid the drying and burning sensation associated with alcohol skin prep. To use this product you just open the package, remove the wipe, and then apply it to clean dry skin. Allow the prep to dry completely before proceeding with your care routine.

Coloplast Brava Skin Prep does 3 things:

  1. Forms a protective skin barrier to protect sensitive skin
  2. Acts as a breathable skin coating that enhances tape adhesion
  3. Reduces friction during tape removal

So the question was, who can use Brava skin prep? The answer is anyone who is using adhesive and would like to protect their skin while increasing the effectiveness of the adhesive product they are using. Some examples would be external catheters, foley catheter stabilization devices, wound care, first aid, and of course ostomy care.

Coloplast Brava Sting-Free Adhesive Remover Wipe

Adhesive remover is your new secret weapon against skin irritation and discomfort. You know that old saying about just ripping the band-aid off quick and fast? I say no to that, and I say, use an adhesive remover to gently remove the band-aid in such a way that it doesn't damage skin and cause irritation. Adhesive is rough on skin. Every company from Bard Rochester to 3M spend a lot of money in research and development just trying to make adhesive more skin friendly. Adhesive remover is an easy way to remove sticky bandages, ostomy appliances, external catheters, anything that has adhesive and then goes on your body can be made easier to remove with adhesive remover. This is one small and inexpensive step that can cause your skin to have real benefits. Coloplast Brava adhesive remover is "sting free" so just like their skin prep, it doesn't contain alcohol because not only does alcohol based products cause a burning sensation, they also can cause skin drying and irritation. The point of using skin preps and alcohol removers is to reduce the skin trauma associated with wound, ostomy, and urological care.

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