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Coping with Infections: Facts & Fallacies

It is true that our bodies contain many normal bacteria; we do not live in a sterile world. We humans have a natural immunity to many of these organisms; some are even helpful in keeping down growth of more harmful bacteria.

Infection however occurs when the number of these organisms exceeds the body’s ability to handle them. Some of the first signs of infection in the area of a wound are redness, swelling, pain on touch, and often fever. It is important to report such symptoms to your doctor before it becomes serious. He may want to culture the drainage to determine what organisms are present.  Besides local cleaning of a wound, an antibiotic is often prescribed to treat any infection that might be in your system.

The same treatment does not work for every infection.  the good news is that with today’s drugs, infections are more easily cured. Many ostomy patients worry about bacteria.  Those with colostomies and ileostomies ask if their stomas will become infected from the discharge of stool. THIS IS A MYTH!! The stoma is accustomed to the normal bacteria in the intestine.

Keep the skin around the area clean and be careful of adjacent wounds.

Keep the fecal drainage away from the incision.

Don’t worry about the ostomy becoming infected from the normal discharge.  Our bodies are accustomed to certain bacteria.

Excerpted Via:  Kankakee, IL, & Loraine County
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