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Hollister CeraPlus Ostomy Wafers - Price Update!

Hollister Cera Plus Ostomy Price Update

Hollister, known for ostomy care innovation, has lowered their pricing on the CeraPlus line of ostomy systems. Now, the skin friendly and revolutionary ostomy supply is even easier on your wallet. The price for CeraPlus is now in line with Hollister's other ostomy supplies such as New Image and Hollister Premier. If you were waiting to make the switch to CeraPlus, your patience has been rewarded. There is no longer a large price difference between CeraPlus and the other types of ostomy wafers and flanges Hollister carries. There is a lot of talk from Hollister that they will be updating many products with CeraPlus such as their Adapt barrier rings. As soon as they become available we will let you know what they are like and how they differ from the current Adapt rings. I am excited for these new products because the number one thing I hear from ostomates is how much time and effort they put into skin care. CeraPlus might be the answer.

How to Find More Information about CeraPlus:

If you would like to know more about CeraPlus, check out our blog titled, "Hollister CeraPlus Skin Barrier: Peristomal Skin Care". There is also a fantastic first hand account of what it is like to use and test the Hollister Cera Plus ostomy wafer, the wonderful writer at Vegan Ostomy, has created an informative and thoughtful review. I recommend bookmarking his site if you want to learn about living life with an ostomy.

Why Use Hollister's CeraPlus?

Ceramide works to keep skin healthy. The skin surrounding your stoma is constantly being stressed. Between ostomy output and skin barrier adhesive, your skin could use some relief. The ceramide in CeraPlus ostomy wafers works to cut down on skin damage that is associated with living with an ostomy. The best part about improving your skin is that not only will you have less pain, you will improve your ostomy appliance wear time. When your skin is intact and healthy, your appliances stay in place better. Healthy happy skin can mean having leaks less often. Hollister is adding Ceramide to ostomy products because they have found that it helps improve the experiance people have with their ostomy systems.

The Hollister CeraPlus Ceramide Advantage

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