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If You Are Hospitalized Again

Sooner or later, we will all have a situation that calls for a hospitalization.  While a hospital stay can be a trying time for the best of us, as an Ostomate there are a few things we must keep in mind to make our stay as comfortable as possible.

Take all your ostomy supplies with you that you will need during your hospital stay. The hospital may not have the type of medical supplies that you are using.

Prepare yourself to do some expert communicating, especially if you go to a hospital where ostomy patients are not seen too often, or if you go for a condition not related to your ostomy. Do not assume that all hospital personnel are knowledgeable about ostomies.

Do not submit to procedures, which you think may be harmful to your stoma. If you are in doubt about any procedure, refuse to have it performed, and talk to your doctor. IT IS YOUR RIGHT!!!

Notify your ET nurse, no matter what the reason is for your hospitalization. Give her your room number immediately. Do not leave this important part of your hospital stay up to the nurse in your unit. Regular nurses often are not trained in the care of ostomates.

Follow these few tips and hopefully your next stay in the hospital will be a more comfortable one.

Excerpted Via: Solona Ostomy News, GB News Review and Space Coast Shuttle Blast, Cocoa, FL.
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