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SCA Tena, Incontinence Solutions for Every Day and Night

SCA Tena Incontinence Solutions for Day and Night

SCA Tena Incontinence Solutions for Men and Women SCA Tena has the solution for the incontinence challenges you may be having. Women and men can trust SCA Tena to provide quality incontinence products you can count on. Whether you need adult briefs or just the added confidence disposable pads can give you, Tena has wonderful choices you can rely on. Many people have to deal with incontinence issues every day. Men and women of all ages struggle with how to solve their incontinence problems. I think the best way to approach a challenge is to be prepared. There are many online medical supply stores that will deliver right to your door with free discreet shipping. If you feel embarrassed while shopping at your local store, online shopping can be a great solution for you. Remember, you are not alone, a new continence care routine can help you get back to what you love with confidence. With the proper supplies, you can be ready before an incontinence accident happens. You wouldn't expect a carpenter to go to work without his or her tool kit so you shouldn't expect to avoid accidents without your own tool kit. Incontinence happens, the trick is to prepare ahead of time.

What Should I Have in my Continence Care Tool Kit?

Incontinence Solutions for Day Time:

Disposable Adult Pull-Ups - Easy to put on and easy to take off, they are a great solution for day time wear because you will be able to use them just like underwear. Since they can be pulled up and down, you will still be able to use the restroom as if you are wearing regular underwear but with the added security from accidents or leaks. There are pull-ups designed for men, women, and there are adult pull-ups that can be worn by either. It is just a matter of what is comfortable for you.

SCA Tena Serenity Incontinence Pad for WomenIncontinence Pads and Liners - Maybe you don't need a full pull-up during the day? Incontinence pads are a great choice for someone who is just concerned with urinary leaks. After prostate surgery or after having a baby, or sometimes just with age, urine becomes difficult to hold completely. Disposable pads fit comfortably inside the underwear you normally wear and give you peace of mind. The materials are ultra absorbent so you can have confidence that you will be protected. Tena Serenity is especially designed for women and can be worn discreetly. Tena also has incontinence pads for men that are specially formed to fit comfortably inside underwear with absorbancy you can trust. There are uni-sex pads that can easily be worn by either men or women.

Flushable Washcloths (Personal Cleansing Wipes) - Flushable wipes are a tip-top solution for on-the-go incontinence challenges. If you need to clean up after an accident, these wipes are gentle on sensitive skin and flushable. Alcohol free wipes are easier on your skin and won't sting as bad on broken skin. They are pre-moistened with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E so they moisturize and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh.

Incontinence Solutions for Night Time:

SCA Tena Disposable Underpads for Incontinence

Disposable Underpads - Available in a variety of sizes, underpads are perfect for bed or chair. The purpose of disposable underpads is to reduce the amount of laundry that incontinence creates. Sheets and bedding can be thrown in a washing machine, however, mattresses are more difficult to get clean. Disposable underpads protect the mattress from becoming soiled. Place the underpad over the mattress and under the sheet if you don't prefer the feeling of the pad against your skin. That way if an accident happens you will just have to strip the bed. For stronger protection, place the pad under the sheet and then place another disposable underpad on top of the sheet. The bed size style is valuable because even if you move in the night you will still be protected from leaks or accidents.

SCA Tena Adult Briefs for Incontinence with Tabs

Adult Brief with Tabs - Adult briefs tend to be more absorbent which makes them favorable for night time. A sound night's sleep is priceless, having all night protection is a must. SCA Tena has many adult briefs that can get you through the night. They are made with absorbent cores that pull moisture away from you so your skin stays healthy. The hook tabs are perfect for quick and easy changing and unlimited refastening abilities so they can be adjusted for comfort or need. Briefs with tabs are the best choice for anyone who is on bed rest and helped by a caregiver. The adult brief will be able to be removed easily with minimum disturbance to the person wearing them.

No Rinse Cleansing Cream - This no rinse cleanser is easy to use and gentle on skin. No rinse means that you can feel clean and fresh, even when a full bath isn't possible or convenient. Combined with disposable washcloths the no rinse cleansing cream makes clean up easy. Specially designed for continence care the cleansing cream’s 3-in-1 formula helps with skin health by cleansing, moisturizing and soothing vulnerable skin.

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