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Sensi Care

Sensi Care products offer a wide range of skin care products for our medical supply store, including urological, ostomy, incontinence and bathing aid needs.

Sensi-Care peri-wash is a perineal skin cleanser spray that is no-rinse that soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin. Sensi-Care peri wash is designed for incontinence care, but the formula makes it ideal for total body cleaning. If you have sensitive skin, Sensi-Care perineal wash is an excellent choice for you. The no-rinse product is applied and wiped clean without having to get in the shower or bath. Sensi-Care comes as a perineal irrigation bottle and the formula contains no harsh chemicals. Sensi-Care body wash and shampoo is a natural soap that cleans, softens and conditions your skins and hair. It also helps to reduce body odor.

Sensi-Care skin protectant barrier is a petroleum and zinc oxide-based formula that provides protection if you have high risk skin. The skin barrier cream helps manage irritation, guard fragile and insensitive skin and easily adheres to denuded skin. Use it for the relief of chapped or cracked skin, treating diaper rash and protecting against minor skin irritations. Sensi-Care skin barrier cream is free of fragrances.

Sensi-Care skin barrier wipes are applied directly on the skin under ostomy barriers, adhesives, tapes and hydrocolloid dressings. Sensi-Care provides an alcohol-free barrier film layer that has no residue build-up. It won't bond to skin folds and is ideal for everyday use. Sensi-Care is a skin prep that provides protection to sensitive skin for up to 72 hours. Sensi-Care remover wipes quickly remove all the residue caused by skin barriers, wafers, tapes and hydrocolloid dressings. This medical adhesive remover effectively removes residue that can reduce wear times.

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