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What is a Speedicath catheter used for? Speedicath is a brand of intermittent catheters that are used to treat urinary retention, which is the in ... [read more]

Coloplast SpeediCath - 14" Hydrophilic Straight Catheter

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Each catheter is pre-packed in sterile saline
  • DEHP and phthalate free
From $1.71

SpeediCath - Hydrophilic Female Catheter

  • PVC and phthalate free
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • 2.75" long
From $1.80

SpeediCath - 6" Hydrophilic Female Catheter

  • Pre-hydrated, ready to use catheter
  • Polished eyelets and hydrophilic coating
  • Packaging can be opened with one finger
  • Free of latex, PVC, and phthalates
From $1.77

Coloplast SpeediCath - Compact Male Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Set

  • 750 ml attached bag with pre-hydrated intermittent catheter
  • Each catheter is pre-packed in sterile saline
  • Easily fits in purse or pocket
From $5.82

Coloplast Speedicath - 14" Hydrophilic Coude Catheter

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • DEHP and phhtalate free
  • French sizes: 12, 14, and 16
  • Each catheter is pre-packed in sterile saline
From $3.18

Coloplast SpeediCath - Compact Male Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

  • Easily fits in pants pocket or back pack
  • 700 ml SpeediBag bag is included for urine collection
  • Pre-hydrated intermittent catheter makes cathing much easier
  • Disposal: put catheter back in case and twist close, then discard
From $102.28

SpeediCath - 13" Flex Coude Pro Hydrophilic Coude Catheter

  • Sterile and latex free
  • Protective plastic sleeve
  • French sizes: 12, 14, and 16
  • Pocket style available in 12 and 14 Fr.
  • Available in pocket size packaging
From $4.44

SpeediCath - Compact Plus Hydrophilic Female Catheter

  • Hydrophilic catheter
  • Free of latex, PVC, and phthalates
  • 2 cm longer than traditional Speedicath Compact
From $1.80

SpeediCath Soft Hydrophilic Male Catheter

  • Flexible design
  • 13" straight catheter
  • Slick hydrophilic coating
  • Soft insertion grip
  • Easy-to-open packaging
  • Latex free
From $1.69

What is a Speedicath catheter used for?

Speedicath is a brand of intermittent catheters that are used to treat urinary retention, which is the inability to empty your bladder. These hydrophilic catheters have a slick coating on them that makes it easy to insert and remove the catheter. Speedicath catheters are available in a variety of sizes and styles to best suit your needs.

Additional Information

A SpeediCath catheter is temporarily inserted into the urethra while the bladder drains. It is then removed and disposed of. Speedicath hydrophilic catheters are self-lubricated and feature a slick three-layer coating for easy insertion and removal. The top coating provides the optimal level of water absorption and reduces friction. The base coating helps bind the top coating to the catheter surface. The outer layer is a saline solution that keeps the coating hydrated. These three layers work together to increase comfort, lower the risk of urethral trauma, and eliminate the need for additional lubricant. Hydrophilic catheters are especially convenient to use on-the-go. Speedicath catheters also feature smooth, polished eyelets that reduce discomfort and lower the risk of urethral damage. SpeediCaths are available in several different styles, including straight packaging, compact packaging, and more.

The original Coloplast Speedicath comes in straight, full-length packaging. A Speedicath catheter differs from a standard intermittent catheter because of its hydrophilic coating, which eliminates the need to carry a separate lubricating jelly. Another unique feature is that Speedicath catheters are packaged in sterile saline solution. Some other brands of hydrophilic catheters come with a saline packet inside that require you to burst it and wait for the coating to become activated, but the Speedicath does not. It can be inserted immediately. Simply peel back the foil cover and the catheter is ready to use. Speedicath catheters also have a plastic gripper that prevents you from having to touch the catheter itself. This reduces the risk of infection. Express Medical Supply offers Speedicath products in male and female styles. The male style is usually around 14" long, which allows it to travel up the length of the urethra and reach the bladder. The female catheter is around 6" in length because a woman's urethra is much shorter than a man's. Women have the option of using the longer or shorter catheter. However, a man cannot use a female-length catheter because it will not reach the bladder.

Speedicath catheters are also available in compact styles. The Speedicath compact is a full-length catheter including a collection bag, packaged in a small tube that easily fits in a pocket or purse. If you do not need to use the collection bag, it can be detached easily. This compact catheter is still fully hydrophilic like the full-size Speedicath. The tube packaging also means that you do not have to touch the catheter itself, making for a more sanitary process. Keep in mind that unlike the Speedicath catheters in the straight packaging, a woman cannot use the male Speedicath compact catheter.

Express Medical Supply carries Speedicath catheters with a straight tip or a bent tip. A bent tip, also known as a coude catheter, is a great choice for people who experience discomfort or difficulty when inserting a straight tip catheter. The angled tip allows the catheter to fit through the tight space that can result from an enlarged prostate or urethral obstruction. Coude catheters can be used by men or women. There are different types of coude catheters, including an olive tip and tiemann tip. The olive tip has a rounded, ball-shaped end for maximum comfort. The tiemann style has a longer, thinner tip that makes it even easier to insert.

Coloplast has recently introduced another type of Speedicath catheter called the Speedicath Flex Coude Pro. This catheter is similar in concept to the Speedicath compact, except that it is packaged a bit differently. The Flex Coude Pro is a full-length catheter that comes in a re-closable plastic pouch. You can choose from a pocket sized pouch or a standard sized pouch. The catheter is very flexible, which allows it to be looped within the pouch. Its flexible design makes it easy to handle and comfortable to insert. There are plastic connectors at either end of the catheter tube, which you twist to unfold the catheter to its full length. The catheter has a clear sleeve around it with a hydrophilic coating. These features reduce mess during insertion and protect the catheter from germs that may be on your hands.

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