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Why are Olympians Wearing Sports Tape?

Why are Olympians Wearing Sports Tape?

Kerry Walsh Jennings Using Kinesio Sports Tape
Kinesio Classic Sports Tape
I am not the biggest sports fan in the world but there is something about the Olympics that is riveting. The incredible levels of athletic skill, the world wide competition, it is awesome to watch. One of the aspects of it that is so interesting is the different techniques the athletes use to train and prepare. These men and women are so dedicated and they are willing to sacrifice so much in order to achieve their dreams. I have seen the articles talking about cupping, carefully planned diets, and many other training regimes. I noticed a lot of people asking about the colorful tape that different athletes competing in Rio have been wearing and I got super excited because for once I already knew what it was! It is Kinesio Tape! The athletes are wearing Kinesio sports tapes because when you are competing against the best, even a small advantage can become huge.

Kinesio, CKTP Classic Sports Tape, is an elastic sports and fitness tape. It is made for muscle, ligament, and tendon pain relief and support. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear so it won't impede your performance. The tape is applied along ligaments, muscles, and tendons and provides support by microscopically lifting the skin in the target area. This external support to soft tissues helps you recover from injuries while still allowing you to remain active. The tape is water resistant, which means you can feel free to work hard and sweat without worrying it will slip off. It is hypoallergenic and nonrestrictive so you can wear it all day for up to three consecutive days.

I love learning about the athletes and how they have trained and gotten ready for the biggest event of their professional lives. I think it is awesome that they are sharing their talents and hard work with the world. What about the Olympics stands out to you?

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