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One piece ostomy bags are a type of ostomy bag that consist of a single unit, as opposed to the traditional two-piece ostomy bags that consist of a ... [read more]

Coloplast SenSura Mio Convex Flip 1-Piece Cut-to-Fit Drainable Ostomy Bag

  • Box of 10
  • Drainable transparent ostomy system
  • Cut-to-fit Maxi pouch with full circle filter
  • Convex Flip easily shapes to outward areas
  • Stability ring supports the stoma
  • Adhesive ostomy barrier is elastic easily moves with you
  • Available in 3 barrier sizes: small, medium, large
From $90.59

Cymed MicroSkin Ostomy Bag - 11" Drainable One-piece Plain Barrier (Cut to Fit)

  • Box of 10
  • Cymed water-proof one-piece colostomy bag
  • Available in opaque or transparent
  • Drainable ostomy bag with a plain barrier
  • Cut to fit up to 1 3/4"
  • Product does not have a filter
From $55.70

Cymed MicroSkin Ostomy Bag - 11" One-Piece Drainable Press 'n Seal Closure with Filter, Cut-to-Fit

  • Box of 10
  • Cut-to-fit for stomas up to 1 3/4"
  • MicroSkin Adhesive Barrier
  • Gore-Tex charcoal filter
  • 1 mm thin platinum hydrocolloid washer
  • 2 mm thick regular hydrocolloid washer
  • Press-n-Seal Velcro closure, no clip required
From $72.13

One piece ostomy bags are a type of ostomy bag that consist of a single unit, as opposed to the traditional two-piece ostomy bags that consist of a separate bag and a skin barrier. One piece ostomy bags are designed to be easier to use and more discreet, as the entire bag can be attached to the skin at once. There is no assembly required, so there are fewer steps you have to take in order to apply, change, and empty your pouch. A benefit of a one-piece ostomy system is that you do not need to buy separate pouches and wafers. This can be helpful for new ostomates because you won't have to worry about matching the bag to the correct size wafer like you would with a two-piece system. One-piece ostomy bags also have a lower profile versus a two-piece, which means it will be more discreet under clothing. These pouches provide a sense of security for the wearer, since there is no chance of the pouch and ostomy wafer detaching from one another. One piece ostomy bags have a number of advantages over traditional two-piece ostomy bags. For one, they are easier to use, as the entire bag can be attached to the skin at once, without the need to separately attach a skin barrier. This can make the process of changing the bag quicker and less messy. When it comes time to change your one-piece ostomy bag, you will need to remove the whole appliance from your body, discard it, and apply a new one. One thing to keep in mind if you choose to use a one-piece pouch is that it requires more frequent bag changes, putting skin at higher risk for tenderness or irritation.

One piece ostomy bags are attached to the skin around the stoma using a special medical adhesive. The bag is then filled with waste from the body as it is produced, and can be emptied and cleaned as needed. One piece ostomy bags are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different body types and lifestyles. One piece ostomy bags are also more discreet than traditional two-piece ostomy bags. The single unit design means that there are no separate pieces that can be seen under clothing, making it easier to wear tight-fitting or form-fitting clothing without the ostomy bag being visible. Another advantage of one piece ostomy bags is that they are less likely to leak than traditional two-piece ostomy bags. The single unit design means that there are no gaps or seams where waste can leak out, making them a good option for people who are active or who want to feel more secure.

We carry a variety of one-piece ostomy pouches in drainable and closed-end styles. A drainable pouch has an opening at the bottom that allows you to empty output as needed without having to change your pouch. Some drainable bags have a built-in clip or velcro closure at the bottom that keeps the bag sealed. Others do not have any closure method at the bottom and will require the use of a separate closure clip, which can be found in our ostomy bag accessories section. A benefit to a drainable bag that you will not have to change it every time your pouch becomes full, meaning you will not use as many pouches. An alternative to a drainable style bag is a closed ostomy pouch. This type of pouch is fully sealed at the bottom and does not have an opening. This means you will have to remove the bag and throw it away when it becomes about halfway full. One benefit of a closed ostomy pouch is that is can be easier and quicker to change when you're in a public setting, as opposed to draining the bag.

Even though the ostomy wafer and bag are attached on a one-piece pouch, there are still several types of wafers to choose from. These include pre-cut, cut to fit, and moldable. A pre-cut wafer comes with a hole already cut out of it. They are ready to use right out of the box. This type of wafer works well for people who have a round, uniform shaped stoma. A pre-cut wafer is not ideal for new ostomates, as your stoma shape and size can change while your body is healing. A cut to fit wafer has a smaller hole cut out of it and has lines printed on the barrier that act as a guide for you to cut. You can cut whatever shape or size best fits your stoma. This makes a cut to fit wafer great for people with an irregular-shaped stoma or who are in between standard sizes. A moldable ostomy wafer offers the same benefits as a cut to fit, but with additional features. There is a flexible material on the inner part of the wafer that you can shape around your stoma. This style of wafer provides a snug, custom fit and eliminates the need for scissors.

Along with a standard flat ostomy wafer, there are also convex styles available. A convex wafer curves inward towards the body, which applies gentle pressure to the body and causes the stoma protrude from the abdomen. This style of wafer is ideal for people with a flush or recessed stoma, or those who have a more rounded abdomen. The convex wafer creates a better seal between the wafer and your body. A better seal helps prevent leaks and keeps output from coming into contact with delicate peristomal skin. There are varying levels of convexity available to best fit your anatomy and your needs. We carry several convex wafer products from brands like Coloplast Sensura Mio and more. Be sure to talk to your doctor or ostomy nurse before trying a convex wafer to make sure that it is right for your stoma.

When it comes time to change your one-piece ostomy bag, using an adhesive remover for skin will make the process easier. Trying to remove your pouch without an adhesive remover would not only be painful, but it could cause skin damage as well. This product helps break down the strong glue that holds the ostomy bag onto your body. Adhesive removers are available in the form of liquids, sprays, and wipes. You can pour some of the liquid onto a cotton ball and hold that against the wafer to dissolve the glue. Another option is to use a spray adhesive remover. You simply spritz the solution around the whole wafer. We also carry individually wrapped adhesive remover wipes, which are convenient to travel with. They are able to be slid under the ostomy wafer to help lift it off the skin. All of these products will safely and effectively remove your ostomy wafer, so the choice comes down to personal preference.

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