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Compression Stocking Guide to Costs

Compression Stocking Guide to Costs
The price differences in Compression Stockings and Socks can be confusing.  The pictures look the same and the descriptions don't always shed a lot of light on why one sock costs so much more than another.  Is it just brand?  Are they all the same?  The short answer is, no, there are important differences between a manufacture's economy line and their premium line.  Companies like Jobst make a wide range of compression stockings and socks.  All compression stockings need to be hand washed and line dried.  There are washing solutions and special donning gloves that can help make your economy or your premium stockings last much longer.  They have some that are low cost and some that are more expensive.  The reasoning for price can often be found in the materials.

Economy Compression Stockings:

Less expensive.  Maybe you only need your compression stockings for travel.  They make compression stockings that are perfect for travel and they aren't meant to be worn all day every day.
Provides compression to the legs which improves blood flow and treats a variety of conditions such as DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Manufacturer uses less spandex which causes the compression stockings to have less stretch.
Generally made with unwrapped spandex which is harder to put on and take off
Cheaper materials tend to not be as comfortable or soft.
Examples: Jobst Relief, FLA Activa

Juzo - Soft Compression Leggings

Premium Compression Stockings:

Premium compression stockings use more spandex so the stocking moves with your leg
Made with wrapped spandex, much easier to put on and take off
Available in sheer and softer fabrics making them more comfortable
More sizing and compression level options

Premium compression stockings cost more.
Examples: Jobst UltraSheer, Jobst For Men, Juzo Attractive OTC, Sigvaris Midtown Microfiber
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