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Picture of Tech Med - 72" Tape Measure

Tech Med - 72" Tape Measure

  • Length: 72" Width: 1/4"
  • A reusable tape measure with English and Metric scales
  • Made of a linen-like fiberglass material
  • Excellent for measuring wounds or sizing of stomas, stockings, external catheters, or gloves
From: $6.52
Picture of ZENSAH  - Compression Arm Sleeves

ZENSAH - Compression Arm Sleeves

  • UV protection
  • Use with any sport or injury
  • Stabilizes muscles for targeted support
  • Seamless technology for a comfortable fit
  • Increases circulation and decreases swelling
From: $24.48
Picture of ZENSAH Fresh Legs  - Athletic Compression Support Socks (Knee High)

ZENSAH Fresh Legs - Athletic Compression Support Socks (Knee High)

  • Extra arch support
  • Energizes and massages legs
  • Increases circulation and decreases swelling
  • Ideal for running, traveling, and standing
  • Relieves aches, pains, and restless leg syndrome
From: $24.48
Product Information

Medical Compression Socks and Support Hose

What are compression socks?

Compression socks are garments that apply various levels of pressure to the feet or legs to improve blood flow and decrease swelling. These circulation stockings help treat and prevent many issues such as edema, phlebitis, varicose veins, lymphedema, and deep vein thrombosis.

Additional Information

We sell medical stockings in four different levels of compression. The 8-15 mmHg provides mild compression, 15-20 mmHg provides moderate compression, 20-30 mmHg provides firm compression, and 30-40 mmHg provides extra firm compression. Along with the compression level, we also offer stockings in various lengths, styles, and colors. For more information, please see our compression stocking buying guide blog.

If you are looking for supportive stockings that also provide ultimate comfort, Juzo compression garments are a great option. Juzo makes soft compression support leggings that come in a variety of neutral and colorful shades. These 15-20 mmHg Juzo leggings help shape the body while improving circulation as well. Compression support socks are available for men and women that range from moderate to extra firm compression. We also carry silver compression socks that contain silver fibers in the sole to reduce odor.

Jobst Sensifoot diabetic socks are a popular product because they have a flat, smooth toe seam and cushioned soles that protect sensitive skin. These unisex stockings are available in knee high length, crew length, and mini crew length. Diabetic support socks have an atifungal, antibacterial finish that helps keep feet in healthy condition. These Jobst garments are made of an acrylic material that wicks away moisture for ultimate comfort. They provide mild compression to provide relief to tired legs and relieve minor inflammation.

We also carry Sigvaris products such as a support hose aid, laundry solution, and adhesive. These compression accessories increase the longevity of your stockings and make putting stockings on easier. Sigvaris makes many donning aids for compression stockings, including a long doffing aid similar to a shoe horn. A roll-on body adhesive holds the compression garments in place during and after application. Sigvaris also makes washing kits to help keep your garments clean and in good condition.

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