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Convatec Visi-Flow

Convatec Visi-Flow is a brand of ostomy and colostomy irrigation supplies. Irrigation is performed by infusing water into the colon through the stoma, allowing the colon to empty. This procedure is done at a specific time in order to regulate bowel movements. Stoma irrigation is similar to an enema. Supplies that are used include an irrigation sleeve, stoma cone, and irrigation adapter faceplate.

Other Convatec Ostomy Products include ostomy pouches, stoma seals, and protective skin products. We carry dozens of Convatec pouches, including drainable pouches, closed system pouches, as well as one or two-piece pouches. This brand also makes ostomy care products such as skin barrier paste and powder. Both of these products prevent irritation around the stoma and prolong the wear of the ostomy system.

Convatec also manufactures various types of catheters, wound dressings, and skin preps. The AllKare line includes adhesive remover wipes and protective barrier wipes. Adhesive remover wipes remove the sticky substance that is left on the skin after using barriers, wafers, and tapes. Skin barrier wipes are preparation wipes that create a film on the skin to protect it from irritation. It also allows the skin to breathe under an ostomy or hydrocolloid dressing.

If you require a urostomy pouch, Night Drainage Bottles are an essential item for overnight use. These bottles hold more liquid so you can use them while you're sleeping without having to get up and change your urinary drainage bag in the middle of the night. A long urostomy tube is connected to the bottle, giving you freedom of movement during sleep.

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Picture of ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigation Adapter Faceplate

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigation Adapter Faceplate

  • Ostomy irrigation faceplate
  • Fits flange sizes 1 3/4" and 2 3/4"
  • For use with Visi-Flow ostomy irrigation products
From: $12.45
Picture of ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigation Sleeve (Transparent)

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigation Sleeve (Transparent)

  • Collection sleeve for stomal output
  • Ostomy tail clip closure included with sleeve
  • Compatible with Convatec SUR-FIT and SUR-FIT Natura
From: $30.95
Picture of ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigator with Stoma Cone

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Irrigator with Stoma Cone

  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
  • Thumb-control flow regulator
  • Boldly printed volume graduations
  • Reusable collection bag with "paddle wheel" flow indicator
From: $36.45
Picture of ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Stoma Cone

ConvaTec Visi-Flow - Stoma Cone

  • Soft and flexible stoma cone
  • Tough interior of cone prevents premature collapse
  • Compatible with the Convatec Visi-Flow irrigator
  • Ostomy supplies for irrigation
From: $12.45
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