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Covidien Wings

Covidien Wings underpads and adult diapers are ideal for absorbing fluid and moisture that may damage skin while managing incontinence. They come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies so it is important to consider the level of protection from each pad or diaper. Covidien diapers and bed pads minimize skin contact with bodily fluids like urine and feces, which is critical for preventing skin breakdown, pressure sores and infection. For even greater moisture protection, Covidien Fluff and Polymer Underpads have a polymer core that forms into a gel when it comes in contact with fluid, helping keep skin comfortable and dry. Using an underpad or protective underwear can give you the confidence and peace-of-mind to rest easy at night knowing you are protected against an accident.

Disposable bed pads are used primarily on beds, furniture or wheelchairs for incontinence protection, but they are also very useful for protecting surfaces around the house. These super absorbent pads are typically placed under bed sheets to protect both you and your mattress from leaks and wetness. Quilted underpads are popular because they quickly drain moisture away from the body and have an odor-absorbent core. Covidien disposable chux pads have a breathable top sheet that allows for continual air flow and a waterproof polypropylene backing that prevents leakage. These pads also make a great economic alternative to puppy training pads or for preventing a mess during craft time.

Washable underpads have more cushioning and a softer top layer than disposable incontinence pads. Some also prefer to use a reusable underpad because they offer similar protection in a more discreet pad and can be machine-washed. The quilted design keeps it shape and prevents material from bunching up during sleep. Certain types of washable chux pads come with handles so a person sitting on the pad can be easily repositioned or turned. There are also several types of reusable absorption pads designed to fit chairs and other furniture.

Adult incontinence briefs are made for maximum incontinence protection and have several features that are designed to control wetness and odor. These types of disposable briefs for adults are great for extended or overnight protection and many have a super absorbent lining with a wetness indicator. Covidien adult briefs have a highly-absorbent polymer layer and four refastenable tabs for added comfort and fit. Refastenable tabs are used for a secure fit and can be easily removed and adjusted to check for skin rashes or moisture.

Adult diapers or pull ups are a slip-on style of protective underwear that are used for incontinence care during the day or night. They are pulled on just like traditional underwear and have a very similar elasticity and feel. While disposable pull ups are the most commonly used, reusable pull ups are machine-washable and great for light protection from occasional incontinence issues. Keep your desired protection and personal needs in mind when choosing between the several styles of incontinence protection diapers, as each has different features and levels of absorption.

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Picture of Covidien WINGS - Adult Diapers with Tabs

Covidien WINGS - Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • Comfort and security
  • Ideal for heavy adult incontinence
  • Full fit design keeps moisture away from skin
  • Super absorbent polymer liner for added protection
From: $8.95
Picture of Covidien Wings - Quilted Premium Underpads

Covidien Wings - Quilted Premium Underpads

  • 23" x 36" and 30" x 36" sizes
  • Honeycomb technology quickly wicks fluid away
  • Heavy absorbency level
  • Ideal for use in hospitals, homes, and anywhere heavy protection is needed
From: $25.95
Picture of Covidien Wings Plus - Disposable Bed Pads

Covidien Wings Plus - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Bed pads with polymer that turns fluid to gel
  • Highly absorbent pads eliminate leakage and control odor
  • Provide confidence and comfort all night long
From: $7.95
Picture of Covidien Wings Plus - Quilted Adult Diapers with Tabs

Covidien Wings Plus - Quilted Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • Super absorbent incontinence brief
  • Quilted cloth like feel is quiet and discreet
  • Blue wetness indictor helps prevent leaks
  • Breathable side panels help stop heat build up
  • 2 Large adjustable adhesive tabs on each side
From: $8.45
Picture of Wings Plus - Breathable Incontinence Underpad, Heavy Absorbency

Wings Plus - Breathable Incontinence Underpad, Heavy Absorbency

  • Heavy absorbency
  • Secure comfortable fit
  • Use on low air loss beds
  • 6 Ply compressed tissue system
  • Use to help prevent skin breakdown
  • Prevent leakage and neutralize odors
From: $14.45
Out of stock
Picture of Wings - Contoured Insert Incontinence Pad

Wings - Contoured Insert Incontinence Pad

  • Adult incontinence pad
  • 14" x 27" (35.6 cm x 70 cm)
  • 24 pads per bag, 2 bags per case (48)
  • Night time absorbency
  • Contoured shape
  • Designed to be worn with seamless knit pants or control undergarments
From: $24.95