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Door Accessibility

Door Accessibility

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Picture of HealthSmart - 2" Door Hinge Extenders

HealthSmart - 2" Door Hinge Extenders

  • Easy installation, uses same hardware as existing door
  • Ideal for narrow doorways, i.e. bathrooms
  • Adds 2" to any doorway opening
  • Decorative gold finish
From: $37.83
Picture of HealthSmart - Doorknob Extender

HealthSmart - Doorknob Extender

  • Fits most standard door knobs
  • Allows complete access to keyhole and lock
  • Door knob extender with left or right hand access
  • No special tools needed, installs with a standard screwdriver
From: $37.83
Product Information

Door hinge extensions and door knob extenders make opening and closing doors easier. Door hinge extenders provide a few more inches of space in a door opening. This is especially helpful for wheelchair users who may have trouble getting through standard-sized doorways. We also carry doorknob extenders, which go over standard doorknobs to create a lever or larger surface area for a person to hold on to. Express Medical Supply has the tools you need to make moving through your home easier.

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