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Enemeez and Enemeez Plus are essential mini enemas that work in a short period of time and are essential in personal care and bathroom needs. Enemeez ... [read more]

Alliance Labs Enemeez - Mini Enema Laxative Disposable Tubes

  • Constipation relief usually within 2-15 minutes
  • Enemeez enemas establish more predictable bowel routines
  • Enema laxatives help reduce likelihood of bowel accidents and incontinence
  • 5cc tubes contain 283 mg of docusate sodium in a medical soft soap base
From $80.13

Alliance Labs Enemeez Plus - Mini Enema with Benzocaine

  • More convenient than an enema, Enemeez Plus usually produces bowel activity in 2-15 minutes
  • 5cc mini enema tubes with 20 mg of benzocaine in each tube
  • 30 disposable tubes per container
From $80.13

Enemeez and Enemeez Plus are essential mini enemas that work in a short period of time and are essential in personal care and bathroom needs. Enemeez laxative disposable tubes bring relief of constipation or if you have difficult bowel movement. Enemeez softens the stool and promotes an efficient bowel movement, along with establishing a more predictable routine. Enemeez Plus contains 20 mg of benzocaine in each tube and can typically provide a bowel movement in 2-15 minutes. Enemeez is considered one of the best stool softeners and best stool softeners and laxatives, ideal for patients dealing with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, stroke or in long-term care.

In addition to Enemeez, Express Medical Supply offers Concepts in Confidence's Magic Bullet suppositories. The Magic Bullet acts quickly. Magic Bullet suppositories are water soluble and allow the active ingredient to disperse within minutes of insertion. The Magic Bullet colon cleanser is a supplement used in conjuction with the Magic Bullet suppositories to provide a complete balance of botanical components. This method encourages regularity and cleansing of the digestive track.

We carry more bathroom and incontinence products in our medical supply store. Perineal care is important when you are recovering from surgery, childbirth or have an indwelling catheter. Coloplast Peri-Wash (now known as Bedside-Care) is a no-rinse incontinence cleanswer that moisturizes and cleans the skin for continued comfort. Peri-Wash has superior odor control and contains no perfumes or dyes. No Rinse Laboratories also provides a no-rinse peri-wash. Aloe Vesta cleansing foam is a multi-purpose, 3-in-1 body wash ideal for cleaning your body or hair. Aloe Vesta cleansing foam is gentle and leaves your skin feeling fresh.

Shower chairs provide you with a safe and independent shower option. Shower chairs are no-slip and have adjustable heights. The Invacare shower chair gives you mobility and security. This shower chair fits most standard showers and tubs. The legs twist for precise height and adjustment. A built-in numbering system helps keep the chair level. The seat is deep and wide, providing additional comfort.

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