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Hollister Karaya 5

Karaya 5 is a type of one-piece pre-cut ostomy pouch from Hollister Medical Supplies. These pouches feature a Karaya seal that protects the body from stomal fluids that can irritate the skin. Karaya 5 bags are transparent and are coated with a special film to control odor. This brand also makes skin protection powder and stoma paste.

Two-piece ostomy bags differ from one-piece colostomy bags because the skin barrier is separate from the pouch. There is a plastic ring that snaps into place, known as the flange. The snapping noise assures you that you have a secure connection to the skin barrier. You can choose from a two-piece ostomy pouch that is drainable or a closed-end pouch, depending on personal preference.

A urostomy is an opening in the abdominal region that is made to re-direct urine away from the bladder due to disfunction. A urostomy bag is what collects urine once it is removed from the body. This urostomy pouch is made to prevent leakage and protects the skin around the stoma to keep it in healthy condition.

Living with a colostomy bag or an ostomy can mean dealing with odor. Express Medical Supply carries several kinds of odor eliminators to use along with your supplies. These are liquid drops that are added the to inside of an ostomy bag to kill bacteria and neutralize odor on contact. This product also doubles as a lubricant to keep the sides of the pouch from sticking to one another.

Odor can also form in the surrounding space that you are changing your bag in. room odor eliminators help to eliminate the smell, rather than just masking it with fragrance. We carry odor elimination spray, solid air freshener, and a cleanser.

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Picture of Hollister Karaya 5 - 12" 1-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bag (Quiet Transparent - Pre-cut)

Hollister Karaya 5 - 12" 1-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bag (Quiet Transparent - Pre-cut)

  • Product is being discontinued, sizes limited
  • Shallow convexity protects flush, recessed, or retracted stomas
  • Bathing/swimming allowable
  • Rustle-free odor barrier
  • Hollister ostomy supplies with Karaya, a natural skin barrier
  • Pre-cut ostomy pouch with porous adhesive tape border for extra security
From: $60.45
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