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How to Keep Your Ostomy Pouch Dry in the Shower

Hy-Tape Waterproof TapeThere are certain questions that come up over and over again when I am on the phone helping people with their ostomy care. The usual questions about products are easy to answer with a little research. Some questions are harder and one that I could never find a good answer for was, how do you shower without getting your ostomy pouch and wafer wet?  I was able to find products that worked for casts and small wounds but nothing seemed to work for an entire ostomy bag and wafer.  Then I found this video.  I think this is a great solution!  It is simple, clever, and inexpensive and because it is so versatile I think anyone can use this method whether they have an ileostomy, colostomy, or an urostomy.  The tape that is mentioned in the video is a fantastic tape called, Hy-Tape - Zinc Oxide Waterproof Pink Tape.  It is a great choice for when you need a skin friendly tape that doesn't come apart when it gets wet. 
Megan is the name of the ingenious woman who runs The Front Butt YouTube Channel.  She does interviews and product reviews and I think her videos are entertaining and extremely informative.  What a great resource for anyone who has an ostomy or wants to learn more about life with an ostomy. 

If you try this method I would love to hear how it went and if you made any tweaks to fit your individual needs better.

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