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Adult Incontinence Products Incontinence products are absorbent underpads and garments that contain leaks from urinary or fecal incontinen ... [read more]
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SCA TENA Stretch Plus - Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • Moderate to heavy bladder and/or bowel control
  • Adult diaper SCA TENA Polymer micro beads for fast absorption
  • Velcro wide hook system for easy changing and unlimited refastening abilities
  • Incontinence products where fluids are quickly wicked away for increased skin protection
From $27.37

Medline - Autoclavable Male Portable Urinal with Cover

  • Autoclavable urinal with blue lid
  • Attached lid prevents spills and eliminate odors
  • Graduated to 32oz/1000ml for convenient measurement
From $6.25

Medline EZP - Urinal Holder with Velcro Strap

  • Increases patient independence
  • Stores urinal within reach of patient
  • Fastens to bedrail, wheelchair, or walker
  • Velcro strap has "swiveling" action to adjust to different angles
  • Helps decrease cross contamination and promotes a cleaner environment
  • Cage size: 4 1/2" (l) x 4 1/2" (w) x 5 1/2"(h), height at tallest point 10 1/2" (handle)
From $13.52

Medline Hartmann Slip - Molicare Adult Disposable Briefs

  • Outer material is plastic
  • Disposable briefs with padded panels
  • Ideal for extended use and overnight use
  • Heavy absorbency with interior leak barriers
  • Waist Size: Small: 20" - 31", Medium: 27" - 47", Large: 47" - 59"
From $21.92

SCA TENA Plus - Adult Protective Underwear

  • Crotch elasticity for best fit
  • Lie down protection with dual barrier system
  • TENA protective incontinence underwear
  • Soft comfortable cloth like pant with the look and feel of real underwear
  • W shaped core helps conform to the body for a closer fit - channels liquids away from the body
From $18.07

SCA TENA Overnight - Adult Protective Underwear

  • Diapers for adults with elastic crotch for a tighter fit
  • Breathable pant that has the look, feel, and comfort of regular underwear
  • Lie down protection with special leg gathers for ultimate night time fit
  • Dual barrier system makes laying down or getting up easier without leaks
  • Pull up design with "W" shape core
  • Conforms to the body for a closer fit, liquid flows away from the body
From $22.24

Depend Night Defense - Underwear for Women, Overnight

  • Latex free
  • Confidence core for fast absorption
  • Looks and feels more like real underwear
  • Comfortable leg elastics, help prevent leaks
  • Made with lycra strands for snug comfortable fit
From $22.92

Medline Ultrasorbs Premium Underpads - Air Permeable Disposable Bed Pads

  • Latex free
  • Air permeable
  • Tear resistant
  • Advanced odor control
  • 3 times the absorbency of traditional underpads
From $8.67

Cardinal Health - Extra Absorbency Disposable Bed Pads

  • Latex free
  • Air permeable
  • Extra absorbency
  • Single use underpads
From $6.79

HealthSmart - 4-Ply Quilted Reusable Underpad with Straps

  • Latex free
  • Washable underpad
  • Waterproof bottom layer
  • Moisture wicking top layer
  • Handles for easy positioning
From $23.46

Tranquility Swimmates - Adult Swim Diapers

  • Latex free
  • Contain bowel movements
  • Will not swell under water
  • Discreet under a bathing suit
From $14.63

TENA - Day Regular Pads

  • Wetness indicator strip
  • Oval shaped elastic
  • Absorbent contoured core
  • For moderate leaks
From $36.67

TENA - Night Super Pads

  • Wetness indicator
  • Oval shaped elastic
  • Soft, non-woven backsheet
  • For heavy incontinence
From $29.33

Tranquility Select - Adult Diaper Booster Pads

  • Latex free
  • Size 15" x 4.25"
  • Capacity: 8 ounces
  • Provides added absorbency
  • Prevents frequent garment changes
From $6.33

Kareco International Inc. - Reusable Underpad with Handles

  • Machine wash
  • Brushed polyester surface
  • Non-slip waterproof barrier
  • Anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, odor control
From $20.74

Tena Complete - Adult Briefs

  • Provides moderate absorbency
  • Dual core design
  • Refastenable tab closure
  • Visible wetness indicator
From $12.49

Poise - Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Pads

  • Protects against light bladder leakage
  • Contoured shape
  • Leak-resistant core
  • Controls odors and keeps skin dry
From $19.20

Poise - Ultimate Absorbency Incontinence Pads

  • Use for daytime or nighttime incontinence
  • Pulls urine away from skin
  • Odor neutralizing material
  • Available in two lengths
From $19.20

Poise - Moderate Absorbency Incontinence Pads

  • Ideal for light bladder leakage
  • Cloth-like backing
  • Contoured design
  • Feels dry and comfortable
From $19.20

Priva Ultra - Waterproof Sheet Protector with Handles

  • Four handles tuck under mattress for security
  • Polyester/cotton fabric
  • Pulls moisture away from skin
  • Non-slip backing
  • Machine washable
From $28.34

Priva Premium - Waterproof Sheet Protector with Tuck In Flaps

  • Does not contain phthalates, latex, or BPA
  • Holds up to 8 cups of fluid
  • Tuckable sides secure the underpad
  • Waterproof backing
From $38.47

Medline - Tuckable Fluff and Polymer Disposable Bed Pads

  • 27" x 70"
  • Tuckable sides prevent the pad from shifting
  • Waterproof backing
  • Single use underpads
From $5.28

Tranquility - Male Guard

  • Latex free
  • Use with regular underwear
  • Adhesive strip for security
  • Elastic gathered sides
From $29.33

Tena Complete +Care Briefs - Adult Diaper with Tabs

  • EzFasten Fastening System offers a secure and comfortable fit
  • BodyFit Technology with an elastic waist and inner leg cuffs
  • Two levels of absorbent core wick wetness away
  • Caregivers can use the wetness indicator to tell if the brief is soiled
From $17.50

Duro-Med - Floral Washable Underpad

  • Furniture and bed protector pad
  • Brushed quilted polyester
  • Waterproof barrier
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Size is 26" x 34"
From $25.86

Adult Incontinence Products

Incontinence products are absorbent underpads and garments that contain leaks from urinary or fecal incontinence. Some examples include adult diapers, incontinence pads, and bed pads. All of these supplies are designed to absorb urinary leakage and protect the skin against damage. Express Medical Supply also sells sample packs that include different styles of protective underwear or underpads so that you can find the product to best suit your needs.

Adult diapers are absorbent undergarments that have adhesive tabs on the sides. The tabs allow you to adjust the fit and help keep the diaper in place throughout the day or night. Many of the diapers we carry feature elastic leg gathers that protect against leaks. Incontinence briefs are available in a wide variety of sizes and absorbency levels to meet your needs. While most adult diapers are disposable, we do carry a couple of reusable adult diapers that can be washed.

Incontinence pads are liners that are worn along with traditional underwear to absorb leaks. There are unisex designs available, as well as men's and women's styles. Bladder pads can handle light to heavy leakage, depending on the absorbency level of the product. Pads that offer lighter coverage tend to be thinner. However, even high absorbency pads can still be inconspicuous under clothing. Men have the option of wearing a pouch-like pad called a guard. This design covers the penis and tapers in the back, providing the most coverage in front.

If you experience leakage overnight, bed pads can help contain leaks while sleeping. These underpads are placed on top of a mattress and under the patient to absorb wetness and pull it away from the skin. This keeps the skin in healthy condition because the skin will not be in contact with liquid throughout the night. Express Medical Supply carries a wide variety of disposable and reusable underpads. Disposable underpads are single-use products that are thrown away after they become soiled, making them convenient to use. Reusable underpads can be put in a washing machine and used more than once. Over time, these are a more economical option because you won't go through bed pads as frequently. Absorbent bed pads are often available in smaller sizes that are great for chairs and wheelchairs.

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