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Adult Incontinence: Diaper Buying Guide

Adult Incontinence Adult Diaper Buying Guide

Adult diapers and briefs, adult undergarments, pads, liners/guards, pull ups, protective underwear, absorbancy, fit, there are so many things to consider when buying adult incontinence products that it can be overwhelming to even get started!  Adult incontinence is a sensitive subject and because it is a sensitive subject for people the terminology has become confusing. Adult incontinence is sold in a variety of styles.  With so many choices and so many varieties, how can you know what to buy without resorting to blindly buying random incontinence products?

  What are Adult Diapers?

Adult Diapers and BriefsI think the first step is understanding what adult incontinence products are currently called. Different styles go by different names. The style with the tabs are commonly called "briefs" but they are also called "diapers". They have certain characteristics in common, they tend to be higher absorbancy, they have a hour glass shape, and they have the tabs that stick and hold the diaper together around the person wearing it. Many people like to use this style overnight while sleeping. Another great use for this tabbed style is when you are care giving for someone who is bed bound. The tabs make it easier to change when needed with limited movement from the patient. Covidien Wings and Tranquility are common brands you will find.

What are Incontinence Pads?

Adult Incontinence Undergarments Adult undergarments are available with and without belts. If you are using the kind with a belt, you can forego conventional underwear since the belt holds everything in place. Without the belts the adult undergarment looks like a pad and can be worn inside your regular underwear. Liners are a little different since they are either inside a diaper to "boost" the absorbancy or inside underwear if you just need light absorbancy. The incontinence booster can be quite helpful because they help absorb more and can often be changed without having to discard the entire adult incontinence garment. You would just discard the booster which can be cost effective since boosters cost less than either adult briefs or pull ups.

What are Adult Pull Ups?

Adult Incontinence Pull Ups for Men and Women Adult Pull Ups are more self explanatory. They do not have tabs on the side and they pull on and off like regular underwear. They can look and feel more like your standard underwear and have the benefit of being more discrete. Sometimes the pull ups are less absorbent so you will want to check the rating and see if it will work for you or the person you are care giving. Some companies have made adult pull ups that are highly absorbent, like the Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull Ups. Pull ups can be worn by men and women and some of them are specifically designed for one or the other. Depends are a common brand that makes Adult Pull Ups. Adult protective underwear are designed to be washed and reused. They are cloth and are made of absorbent materials to help with incontinence.

How do I know which Adult Incontinence product is for me?

Adult Diaper Adult Pull Up Incontinence Sample Pack The absolute best way to discover your perfect adult incontinence product is to sample different styles. You might realize that you like one style during the day and something different at night. By trying different kinds you will be able to determine what uniquely works for you. Sample packs are the easiest way to try a lot of different products without having to buy bag after bag. A sample pack is a perfect resource to help you learn what works best for you. Many people use incontinence products to give them peace of mind. If you are wearing an incontinence product, you are not alone. There is no reason to be embarrassed. By using these items you will feel more confident since you will no longer have to be concerned about accidents or leaks. Being able to leave the house and enjoy a nice day out, chatting over brunch, spending time with friends and family, all while knowing you are protected. No one will know unless you decide to tell them, I am sure you have chatted with someone who was wearing an adult incontinence product and you never knew! Adult incontinence is all about helping you live your best life because you will be able to once again enjoy the things you used to enjoy without fear.
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