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Adult Incontinence Products Incontinence products are absorbent underpads and garments that contain leaks from urinary or fecal incontinen ... [read more]
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TENA InstaDri Air - Disposable Bed Pad

  • 30" x 36" disposable incontinence underpad
  • Moisture lock helps control bacteria and odor
  • Nonwoven top sheet is durable to avoid tearing
  • Holds 10 cups of liquid without leaking
  • Breathable and medical air mattress friendly
From $14.63

Salk Sani-Pant - Adult Plastic Pants and Diaper Cover

  • Helps prevent incontinence leaks
  • Waterproof washable snap-on diaper cover
  • Soft cotton bindings around waist and leg elastics
  • Diaper cover for men, women, and youth
From $13.18

Medline Ultrasorbs ES - Extra Strength Drypad Underpads

  • 31" x 36" extra strength dry pad
  • Aquashield top-sheet, fold over edges, ultra soft bed pad
  • Air-permeable cloth-like backsheet
  • Advanced super-absorbent polymer core
  • Underpad can be used to reposition patients up to 375 lbs
From $46.37

Tena ProSkin - Maximum Absorbency Men's Adult Pull Up Diaper

  • Men's incontinence underwear
  • ConfioAir Breathable technology
  • Maximum urine absorbency
  • Comfortable leg elastics
From $18.55

TENA Underpad Premium

  • Super absorbent polymer core
  • Moisture proof lining
  • Quilted mat for comfort and stability
  • Waterproof backing
From $13.18

Tena ProSkin - Maximum Absorbency Women's Adult Pull Up Diaper

  • Incontinence underwear for women
  • Maximum urine absorbency
  • Attractive cream color for discreet wear
  • ConfioAir Breathable technology
  • Soft, curved leg elastics
From $18.55

Wings - Contoured Insert Incontinence Pad

  • Adult incontinence pad
  • 14" x 27" (35.6 cm x 70 cm)
  • 24 pads per bag, 2 bags per case (48)
  • Night time absorbency
  • Contoured shape
  • Designed to be worn with seamless knit pants or control undergarments
From $16.43

Tranquility AIR-Plus Extra Strength Breathable Disposable Underpad

  • Extra strength underpad can be used to reposition the patient
  • Cloth-like top sheet
  • PowerSorb technology for superior absorbency
  • Protects against skin damage
  • Disposable underpad
  • Holds up to 34 ounces of fluid
From $20.51

Tranquility Brief Hi-Rise Bariatric Adult Diaper

  • Fits up to a 96" waist
  • 34 oz capacity
  • Full fit with extended waist rise
  • Dual wetness indicator
  • Wide micro-hook closure tabs
From $16.59

Tranquility Select Disposable Underpad

  • Soft top sheet
  • Inner core quickly disperses moisture
  • Various sizes for chairs, wheelchairs, and beds
  • Moderate absorbency
  • Latex free
From $4.84

Dynarex Disposable Chair Size Underpad with Polymer

  • Waterproof, non-skid blue backing
  • Highly absorbent, soft fill
  • Sealed on all four sides to help prevent leaks
  • Perfect for adult incontinence
  • Chair size pad is 17" x 24"
From $18.95

Tranquility Essential Breathable Brief - Adult Diaper with Tabs Heavy Absorbency

  • Clothlike backing for comfort
  • Breathable sides for better air flow
  • Adjustable tabs
  • Tranquility Kufguards
  • Wetness indicator
  • Heavy absorbency
  • Latex free
From $8.76

Tranquility Essential Underwear – Heavy Absorbency Adult Pull Ups

  • Clothlike
  • Breathable sides with Kufguards
  • Stretchable waistband
  • Latex free
  • Size small has a 14.5 oz. capacity
  • Size medium - 2XL has a 19 oz. capacity
From $14.16

TENA Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear

  • Maximum absorbency pull ups
  • Natural feeling underwear
  • Body-Close fit conforms to body contours
  • ConfioAir fully breathable technology
From $21.49

Adult Incontinence Products

Incontinence products are absorbent underpads and garments that contain leaks from urinary or fecal incontinence. Some examples include adult diapers, incontinence pads, and bed pads. All of these supplies are designed to absorb urinary leakage and protect the skin against damage. Express Medical Supply also sells sample packs that include different styles of protective underwear or underpads so that you can find the product to best suit your needs.

Adult diapers are absorbent undergarments that have adhesive tabs on the sides. The tabs allow you to adjust the fit and help keep the diaper in place throughout the day or night. Many of the diapers we carry feature elastic leg gathers that protect against leaks. Incontinence briefs are available in a wide variety of sizes and absorbency levels to meet your needs. While most adult diapers are disposable, we do carry a couple of reusable adult diapers that can be washed.

Incontinence pads are liners that are worn along with traditional underwear to absorb leaks. There are unisex designs available, as well as men's and women's styles. Bladder pads can handle light to heavy leakage, depending on the absorbency level of the product. Pads that offer lighter coverage tend to be thinner. However, even high absorbency pads can still be inconspicuous under clothing. Men have the option of wearing a pouch-like pad called a guard. This design covers the penis and tapers in the back, providing the most coverage in front.

If you experience leakage overnight, bed pads can help contain leaks while sleeping. These underpads are placed on top of a mattress and under the patient to absorb wetness and pull it away from the skin. This keeps the skin in healthy condition because the skin will not be in contact with liquid throughout the night. Express Medical Supply carries a wide variety of disposable and reusable underpads. Disposable underpads are single-use products that are thrown away after they become soiled, making them convenient to use. Reusable underpads can be put in a washing machine and used more than once. Over time, these are a more economical option because you won't go through bed pads as frequently. Absorbent bed pads are often available in smaller sizes that are great for chairs and wheelchairs.

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