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  • Polymer bonded interior for enhanced comfort
  • Lightly textured surface for improved grip
  • Effortless donning without the need for chlorination
  • Non-sterile and powder-free
  • Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Flat stacking design for easy glove dispensing
  • Low protein content reduces latex allergic reactions
  • Low modulus for a softer, more comfortable fit
  • Box of 100, case of 10 boxes

Innovative Proderm Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves

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    Innovative Healthcare ProDerm Latex Exam Gloves

    ProDerm Latex Exam Gloves, the ultimate solution for healthcare professionals seeking exceptional tactile sensitivity, comfort, and extended wear. These gloves are meticulously engineered with a polymer bonded interior and a lightly textured surface, delivering an unparalleled experience in medical glove technology.

    The unique on-line polymer process employed in the manufacturing of these gloves ensures an effortless donning experience without the need for chlorination. Slip your hands into these gloves effortlessly, and experience the utmost comfort during prolonged use. With their slightly thinner design, these gloves provide exceptional tactile sensitivity, allowing you to perform delicate tasks with precision and confidence.

    Designed for non-sterile applications, these powder-free gloves are available in sizes ranging from S to XL, accommodating a wide range of hand sizes. The gloves are conveniently flat stacked, enabling easy dispensing of gloves one by one, saving valuable time and ensuring a smooth workflow.

    One of the key advantages of the ProDerm Latex Exam Gloves is their low protein content, significantly reducing the risk of latex allergic reactions. This makes them an excellent choice for healthcare professionals and patients with sensitivities. Additionally, the gloves' polymer bonding enhances donning capabilities, ensuring a secure fit and reducing the chances of slippage during critical procedures.

    The ProDerm Latex Exam Gloves also feature a low modulus, which translates to a softer and more comfortable fit for users. These gloves are designed with the wearer's comfort in mind, allowing for an extended period of wear without compromising dexterity or tactile sensitivity.

    With an average length of 9.5 inches (240 mm), these gloves offer ample coverage and protection. The palm thickness measures 4.0 mil (0.10 mm), while the finger thickness measures 4.5 mil (0.11 mm), ensuring durability without sacrificing the gloves' tactile sensitivity.

    Choose the Innovative Healthcare Corporation ProDerm Latex Exam Gloves for an unmatched combination of comfort, functionality, and safety. Experience the difference in glove technology that will revolutionize your medical practice and provide peace of mind for both healthcare professionals and patients alike.


      Products specifications
      Attribute nameAttribute value
      SizeSmall, medium, large, xl
      QuantityBox of 100, case of 10 boxes (1000)
      Products specifications
      Attribute nameAttribute value
      SizeSmall, medium, large, xl
      QuantityBox of 100, case of 10 boxes (1000)
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