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Introducing: Smith and Nephew Opsite

Smith and Nephew Opsite Wound Dressings

Opsite is a brand of wound care products from Smith & Nephew. Opsite dressings provide a moist wound environment which promote healing but they also allow excess moisture to evaporate. Excess moisture can cause skin maceration. They are made from a transparent material that allows you to monitor the condition of your wound which helps increase wear time. This flexible material is ideal for use on awkward areas of the body. There is also a grid printed on the film, which acts as a guide if you need to trim the dressing to a different size. Some Opsite bandages have a pad attached to the adhesive film to absorb exudate and act as a cushion over the wound.

Smith and Nephew Opsite Wound Dressing and Retention Tapes

Smith and Nephew Opsite Flexifix Tape

Flexifix is a waterproof transparent medical tape that is air and moisture permeable. It is is useful in a plethora of applications such as shallow pressure sores, minor cuts, and abrasions. Flexifix can also be used to hold catheter extension tubing in place, to secure stoma wafers, or to secure wound dressings. Flexifix is a durable medical tape with a strong adhesive which helps keep the tape in place so you don't have to worry about the sides of the tape rolling up. Flexifix is a plastic acrylic tape unlike other tapes that use a non-woven fabric. Flexifix is designed to be used even on awkward areas of the body, you can use the tape on areas that bend and move without sacrificing mobility and comfort. Flexifix can be worn up to 7 days before it needs to be changed which also helps to keep the over-all cost of wound care down.

Smith and Nephew Opsite - Post-Op Composite Dressing

Opsite is a transparent dressing with an adhesive border that protects low to moderately exuding wounds. The benefit of a transparent dressing is that you can monitor the level of fluid and check for any irritation or infection without actually removing the bandage. Opsite can be used to treat minor cuts, abrasions, puncture sites, and lacerations. The top layer of the dressing is waterproof which means you can wear this while you shower. This helps to increase the over-all wear time of the wound dressing. The Opsite Post-Op film also provides a bacterial barrier which helps reduce the risk of secondary infection. The absorbent pad, though thin, is highly absorbent. The pad of the dressing is thick which helps the absorbancy and it also helps protect the injury.

Smith and Nephew Opsite Flexigrid Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing

Opsite Flexigrid is a transparent dressing that can be used in moist healing applications. The film retains the natural wound exudate and since the dressing has a high moisture vapor permeability it will also allow any excess exudate or moisture to evaporate. This maintains a healthy moist healing environment but helps to prevent skin maceration which is caused by too much liquid or exudate. Flexigrid is a flexible dressing that conforms to even awkward areas of the body. This makes the dressing more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Generally Flexigrid can stay in place for up to 7 days. Flexigrid is also waterproof and it is resistant to  not only water but to body fluids. Practically that means you can bathe and shower without having to change your dressing which helps to increase wear time and cuts down on costs. Flexigrid also incorporates a wound measurement system that allows you to trace the size and shape of the wound right on the dressing which is called a "Flexigrid carrier", this carrier is then removed and stored with your records. This is an easy way to monitor the wound for infection or rate of healing.

Smith and Nephew Opsite Incise Drape Transparent Film Dressing

Opsite Incise is a transparent adhesive film that allows the skin to breath which helps to prevent moisture from collecting under the drape. This helps Opsite Incise to stay in place throughout the surgical procedure. Incise adheres all the way to the wound edge and provides a transparent surface surrounding the wound. The film is specially designed to provide a non-glare transparent surface. The thin film is strong, conformable, and elastic and it provides a sterile working field around the operation site. Opsite Incise is sterile and individually wrapped and will hold the drape securely in place.

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