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Introducing: SpeediCath® Flex Coudé Catheter

Coloplast SpeediCath Flex Coude Catheter Discreet and Flexible

Introducing: SpeediCath Flex Coudé Pocket Intermittent Catheter

Coloplast Speedicath intermittent catheters are known for being convenient. They are equipped with easy to open packaging, and a ready-to-use hydrophillic intermittent catheter all of which combined have made SpeediCath a great choice for people who use catheters. However, until recently people who use a coude tip catheter weren't able to benefit from the convenience of Speedicath. That has all changed with the release of the SpeediCath Flex Coude catheter system. The SpeediCath Flex is discreet, easy to use, comfortable, and designed to be completely touch-free to reduce your risk of developing a bacterial infection. This is a great solution if you have been told to use a coude tip intermittent catheter by your doctor but you still need a catheter that travels easily. Remember, all intermittent catheters are to be used one time and then discarded. You should never reuse an intermittent catheter.



Coloplast SpeediCath Flex Coudé Intermittent Catheter Features:

Coloplast SpeediCath Male Hydrophilic Flex Coude Pocket Intermittent Catheter

1. Hygienic Touch-Free Design

The new Flex Coude is a hygienic intermittent catheter because the entire catheter tube is encased in a soft grip sleeve. This is a dry sleeve that goes over the catheter so your hands never come in contact with the catheter itself. Inside the dry sleeve is the fully lubricated catheter. The closed sleeve helps keep everything much cleaner and can reduce your risk of urinary tract infections as well as other bacterial infections. This is a compact and easy travel closed system catheter without the large attached drainage bag.

2. Discreet and Easy to Carry with You

I have talked to many people who struggle with being able to fit a coude tip intermittent catheter in their pocket so they can walk from their desk at work to the restroom and not advertise that they are carrying a 16" long catheter package. Catheter users lead active lives and they need catheters that are easy to use as well as being discreet. Speedicath Flex coude is the solution. The catheter has an innovative design. The catheter is packaged in a gray pouch. The catheter itself  is packaged in a circle instead of being packaged inside of straight 16" long sleeve making the Flex coude easier to carry. The entire package fits in your pocket. When you open the package the catheter is enclosed in a dry sleeve and the catheter inside is fully lubricated. This means you won't need to travel with a separate lubrication, this catheter is ready to be used right out of the package. Once you use the catheter, the catheter can be put back into the gray pouch for discreet and easy disposal. The flexible nature of the catheter enables you to twist open the catheter and straighten it out without the catheter tube becoming kinked. The intermittent catheter tube will be easy to straighten and will not be difficult to insert because of the way it is packaged.

3. Flexible Coude Tip for Comfortable Insertion

The design of the flexible coude tip of the SpeediCath Flex makes it easy to insert into the urethral opening from any angle as it will always find the center of the urethra. In day to day practice, what this means is that you will not need to find the guide strip or anything like that, when you insert this catheter it doesn't matter which way it goes in. This makes this catheter easy to use, even if you have mobility issues or difficulty with hand/finger manipulation. The flexible tip navigates through the bends and curves of the urethra even past strictures, scar tissue, or an enlarged prostate. If you have difficulty or discomfort while self catheterizing then you should talk to your doctor about switching to a coude tip catheter. The blunt end of a straight tip catheter can get stuck when confronted by scarring or an enlarged prostate. The flexible coude tip guides itself around these obstacles for a more comfortable catheter experience.

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