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June is National Safety Month!

National Safety Month Wheelchair Alarm to Prevent Falls and Injury The National Safety Council is celebrating National Safety Month throughout all of June. This is a great chance for us to reflect on how we can improve our home and work practices to increase safety.  This year they are focusing on many important topics such as: prescription painkiller abuse, transportation safety, emergency preparedness, and the dangers of slips and falls.

Tips for Home Safety

There are many small changes we can all make to increase the safety of our homes and our jobs.  Many people think that non-slip bath mats are only for the very young or the elderly but everyone can benefit from them.  It doesn't take much to slip on a slick, wet, soapy surface and a fall in a shower can cause severe injuries. 
Grab barsare another great addition to the bathroom.  Bathroom Safety Portable Grip Bar They can be used to help maintain balance as well as increased security when you step in and out of the bath or shower.  For anyone who has issues with mobility, a shower chair is a huge help.  Instead of having to stand in the shower and risk falls, sitting can make it more comfortable while also helping people to bathe alone securely.  If you are a Caregiver, you know how important it is to keep people from falling.  Non-slip bath mats, grab bars, rails, shower chairs, all of those things can help.  Sometimes keeping people from falling is knowing where they are and if they have left their wheelchair.  It can be difficult to leave a person unsupervised for even a minute if you have no way of knowing whether they get up or not.  The Graham-Field Lumex - Fast Alert Basic Patient Alarm is a great product because it alerts you when someone has left their chair or if they have fallen.  Once someone leaves the alarm pad and stands or falls, an alarm sounds and you can check on them to make sure they are safe and not at risk.

What are some ways you have increased safety in your home?  Do you take any special steps to make sure the people in your home aren't taking unnecessary risks?

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