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Medical Tape and Ostomy

Hollister Ostomy Wafer

Common Questions Regarding Using Medical Tape with Your Ostomy System

The edges of my ostomy wafer are peeling up when I am in the pool or when it is hot and I am sweating.
3M Blenderm is a waterproof plastic tape. The waterproof aspect of this tape will help it stand up to the pool or even sweat from the summer heat.  The best way to tape an ostomy wafer is to "frame" the outside edges with the tape. Literally making a picture frame of tape, make sure the tape is half on the wafer and half on your skin. This method will cover all the edges of your ostomy wafer and help to keep them flat against your skin. 3M Blenderm works best on dry skin. It is a good practice to gently dry your ostomy and the surrounding skin with a hair dryer on the low setting to make sure it is totally dry before proceeding with pouching and tape.

Blenderm Waterproof Tape NOTE:
This is a hypoallergenic tape, however it is a strong adhesive which means it could pose a problem for sensitive peristomal skin. 3M Cavilon makes a nice skin barrier film that helps protect the skin from tape and stoma output. Before you put on your pouch simply wipe the area with the barrier film and allow the product to dry completely before continuing with your ostomy bag and wafer. If the tape is difficult to remove, use an adhesive remover. Adhesive removers help to avoid skin damage or skin stripping when removing tape.

I use a one piece closed ostomy pouch and I would like to use tape. I am worried about removing and taping the same skin over and over again. I would like to use tape when I am in the pool, out in the heat, using a sauna, etc.Micropore Tape for Ostomy Supplies


3M Micropore paper tape is a perfect tape for sensitive skin. There is less chance of skin stripping with this tape because it was designed to be removed and reapplied many times even on at-risk skin. For people with an ostomy, Micropore is a huge help because it works on damp skin. This is a commonly used hospital tape and it is available in white or tan.  It is hypoallergenic and latex-free. For the best water and sweat protection, I would recommend "picture framing" this tape just like I mentioned above, it covers the wafer edges and offers peace of mind when you are playing poolside. It can never be stated enough, never settle for ill fitting ostomy bags.  Whether you have a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, there is a pouch that will work for you. Your skin should be healthy and your ostomy system should work. There will always be the rare accident, but that should be the exception not the rule. Always contact your medical team if you feel like something is not right with your ostomy, remember to advocate for your health!

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