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Medline Remedy Phytoplex Science and Nature Medline Remedy with Olivamine is a trusted name in skin care. From skin moisturizers and lotions to cleansing foams and anti-fungal powders it has been used to treat and protect. Now, Medline Remedy has introduced a new line of skin care products that are specially designed for sensitive skin. It is called Medline Remedy Phytoplex and it works to cleanse and condition the skin without stripping the natural oils that protect the skin by combining science with the gentleness of nature.

    Health Challenges Skin Faces:
  1. Incontinence
  2. Radiation
  3. Contact with Irritants like Detergents and harsh soaps
  4. Sun exposure
  5. Slowed cell replication due to aging
  6. Hormonal changes
  7. Nutritional imbalance
  8. Medication reactions

It is impossible for you to avoid every irritant or health challenge. The world is not a perfect place. Medline Remedy was created to help you overcome the challenges that can't be avoided. If you are using a lotion that smells and feels great but it is full of harsh chemicals that are actually detrimental to your skin then that lotion isn't really helping. It is just making you smell nice. You want to smell good but you also want your skin to be in optimal health. Medline Remedy combines ingredients that are not another health challenge because they are made with skin friendly amino acids. So no parabens or sulfates here. If you have tried Medline Remedy with Olivamine skin repair cream then I would recommend that you try the new Medline Remedy Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream. The moisturizing formula works great for skin repair if you have cracked skin or just skin that is dry and itchy. Medline Remedy knows the importance of ongoing skin care and repair.

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Ingredients:

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Skincare

  1. Blue-Green Algae Extract - Rich in proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids
  2. Soy Protein, Yeast Extract, Vitamin D - These three ingredients are humectants which are substances that are used to reduce the loss of moisture and these are derived directly from nature to protect skin
  3. Green Tea and Clove Flower Extract - Both of these ingredients are great sources of antioxidants that soothe and comfort sensitive skin
  4. Natural Oils and Extracts - Calophyllum Tacamahaca Seed Oil, Sandalwood Extract, Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract, and Barley Extract which are rich in antioxidants to help condition skin.
  5. Borago Officinalis Seed Oil which is a single source of eight beneficial fatty acids including gamma-linolenic acid.

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Does NOT Have:

Medline Remedy No Parabens, No Sulfates

  1. Parabens - endless debate on whether paraben is a safe preservative so Medline chose to exclude it since it has been shown to irritate skin and cause negative reactions in some people
  2. Sulfates - can potentially dry out and irritate skin
  3. Aloe - widely used but can cause allergic reactions in some people
  4. Phthalates - can cause skin irritation

Medline Remedy Phytoplex worked to created a line of lotions, skin protectant barrier creams, cleansers and anti-fungal powders and lotions that are specially and intentionally designed for sensitive skin. Not everyone is bothered by aloe but some people are, so Remedy decided to use ingredients that are known to be skin friendly. These products can be used by any age group, they can be used on baby skin as well as older and more fragile skin. Each person is unique and your skin's needs change depending on your age, environment, and over-all health. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, limit unprotected sun exposure, and use products that are made without known irritants. When you are recovering from a long illness or you are bed bound because of mobility issues or recovering from surgery your skin can be under a lot of strain. Keeping your skin clean and well moisturized can help keep your skin healthy. Before using any lotion or ointment on broken or damaged skin you will need to ask your doctor or your medical professional whether or not the product is safe for you. You are unique and even products designed for sensitive skin have limitations. Remember, before covering your entire self with a new lotion, do a skin test! Test the new product on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hrs to see how your body reacts. It is better to be safe and patient than to have a wide spread reaction.

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