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Personal Support Medical Supplies Personal care supplies are products that help care for your body and health. These include at-home blood pr ... [read more]

Miracle of Aloe - Miracure Anti-Fungal Treatment

  • Stops fungus growth, itching, and discoloration
  • Contains aloe vera and tea tree oil
  • Safe for use by diabetics
From $7.45

Aloe Vesta Antifungal Ointment

  • Cures most athlete's foot, ringworm, and superficial yeast infections
  • Delivers healing relief from the itching, burning, and cracking of these conditions
  • Contains 2% Miconazole Nitrate
From $14.44

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Antifungal Powder

  • Contains Phytoplex (soy, blue green algae, green tea, and clove)
  • Antifungal powder designed for the most sensitive of skin
  • Ideal for athletes foot, toe fungus, jock itch, and so much more
From $6.68

Medline REMEDY - Phytoplex Antifungal Ointment

  • Unscented
  • Suitable to treat topical yeast infections
  • Relieves symptoms of jock itch, athlete's foot, and ringworm
From $10.30

3M Cavilon - Extra Dry Skin Cream

  • Protects and replenishes dry skin and feet
  • Diabetic skin care lotion
  • Lotion vanishes on application, leaving skin replenished
  • Lipid rich formula is pH balanced
  • Moisturizes for a full 24 hours
From $6.68

Coloplast Sween Cream - Moisturizing Body Cream

  • Contains vitamins A and D
  • Soothes red, sore, and dry skin
  • Does not interfere with adhesion of tape
From $6.45

Coloplast Sween 24 - Once a Day Moisturizing Body Cream

  • Contains 6% Dimethicone
  • Offers 24 hours of protection
  • Fragrance and lanolin free
  • CHG, latex, and nitrile glove compatible
From $6.45

Coloplast Sween Lotion - Hand and Body Lotion

  • Revitalizes dry skin
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Non occlusive
  • Formerly known as Sween Xtra-Care
From $8.95

Aloe Vesta Daily Moisturizer

  • Skin cream for routine moisturizing
  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Seals out wetness
From $3.09

Miracle of Aloe - Miracle Rub Pain Relieving Cream

  • 8 oz tube
  • Provides soothing relief of muscle aches, pains, sprains, and strains
  • Aloe cream contains 42% pure Aloe Vera gel
  • Penetrating warmth eases pain to quickly restore comfort
From $9.95

Miracle of Aloe - Aloe All Over Moisturizing Therapeutic Hand and Body Lotion

  • 72% Aloe Vera
  • 4 ounce tube with flip top lid
  • Helps skin to form a natural barrier to hold in moisture naturally
  • Less itching and flaking
  • Aloe all over is safe for use on the whole body
From $6.16

3M Cavilon - Moisturizing Hand Lotion

  • A fragrance free, hypoallergenic moisturizer
  • Ideal for health care providers whose hands are dry from continual washing
  • CHG compatible
From $11.59

Gold Bond - Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion (Healing with Aloe)

  • Protects and soothes irritated skin
  • Fast acting, long lasting ultimate skin therapy lotion
  • Calms and relieves itches and irritation, even chronic dry skin
From $4.95

Gold Bond - Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream

  • Combination of AHA, BHA, PHA exfoliates
  • Fast acting, long lasting ultimate daily skin therapy lotion
  • Ideal for use on back of arms, legs, thighs, knees, heels, and elbows
  • Fragrance free, non-greasy, non-irritating, dermatologist tested
From $12.37

Medline REMEDY - Phytoplex Nourishing Skin Cream

  • Nourishing skin cream moisturizer
  • CHG compatible, paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Pediatrician tested for all ages
  • 2 fluid ounces (59 mL)
From $4.66

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Lip Balm

  • Soothing and cooling moisturizer
  • Petrolatum-free lip care
  • Shea butter and beeswax contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help repair cracked skin
  • Phytoplex uses no parabens, sulfates, aloe or phthalates
From $3.47

Coloplast Baza Protect - Moisture Barrier Cream

  • Provides everyday wetness protection
  • Aides in prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis
  • Contains zinc oxide, dimethicone with petrolatum, and natural vitamins A, D, E
From $6.95

Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment

  • Protects minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
  • Relieves chapped or cracked skin and lips
  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
  • Seals out wetness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance Free
From $11.85

Boudreaux's Butt Paste - Diaper Ointment Moisture Barrier

  • Soothes and relieves a wide range of minor skin irritations
  • Many uses, from babies to athletes
  • Goes on easily and wipes off cleanly
  • Pleasant smell
From $8.96

ConvaTec Sensi-Care - Skin Protectant Barrier

  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • Easily adheres to weepy, denuded skin
  • Skin barrier that provides extra protection for high risk skin
From $12.37

Coloplast Critic-Aid Clear - Moisture Barrier Protective Ointment

  • Protective ointment helps to prevent and treat skin irritation due to incontinence
  • Clear moisture barrier cream enables you to see your skin
  • Moisture barrier cream seals out wetness
From $13.95

3M Cavilon - Durable Barrier Cream Fragrance Free

  • Concentrated barrier cream is ideal for incontinence care
  • Allows tape to stick while it resists wash off
  • Dimethicone skin protectant for cracked and chapped skin
  • Fragrance Free
From $7.19

Dynarex - Vitamins A and D Ointment

  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
  • Protects minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
  • Relieves chapped and cracked skin and lips
From $1.64

Dynarex Calasoothe - Barrier Cream

  • Takes itch out of insect bites
  • Contains zinc oxide and menthol
  • Healing moisture barrier ointment
  • Treats diaper rash or irritations caused by body fluids
From $5.95

Medline REMEDY - Nutrashield Cream

  • Non allergenic
  • Non sensitizing
  • Protects skin with silicone blends and olivamine
  • Ideal for individuals with dry skin, venous leg ulcers, and e-TEWL
From $10.30

Personal Support Medical Supplies

Personal care supplies are products that help care for your body and health. These include at-home blood pressure monitors, arthritis gloves, and abdominal supports. People with limited mobility or that are recovering from surgery will find our personal care items very helpful.

One item that is great to keep on hand for home care is a blood pressure monitor like an ADC Blood Pressure Cuff. Express Medical Supply carries both manual and automatic blood pressure monitors. Many automatic blood pressure monitors are digital and have a built-in wrist cuff. These can also store your blood pressure information and have large, easy-to-read screens. Because no stethoscope is needed, the automatic blood pressure monitors are ideal for those who live independently.

If you are recovering from a surgical procedure, such as a cesarean section or hysterectomy, an abdominal binder from FLA Orthopedics can help reduce muscle strain. It wraps around the waist and provides adjustable compression. This helps support your lower back and strengthen the abdomen. The elastic material is flexible and will not restrict your breathing. We sell abdominal binders in various sizes to fit your torso length and wasit size.

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