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Stander manufactures mobility aids. Stander offers the grab bars and EZ adjust, bed rail, and door knob extender are perfect for the home, office or clinic. Stander car caddie and Stander handybar assist tool make driving and riding in cars easier. Stander products provide safety with minimal assembly.

The EZ adjust bed rail extends from 26" to 42" and all it takes is one touch of the button. The use is convenient and it can be folded, which means keeping it out of the way when not in operation. The Stander great grips door knob extender is a door grip that converts a standard doorknob into one that opens with a lever. Great Grips will fit over the standard doorknob and you can still use your key.

Express Medical Supply also carries reachers and lifters in our inventory of mobility aids. The reacher tool allows you to reach more difficult spots. Rotating jaws, a no-pinch trigger and a lightweight shaft make reacher tools an important part of your life if you have mobility issues.

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