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Systagenix wound management offers Adaptic, a non-adhering dressing and Promogran, a matrix wound dressing that speeds up the wound healing process by allowing you to wear it for up to seven days.

Adaptic non-adhering dressing is ideal for use on dry wounds or exuding wounds. With Adaptic dressings, there is less stick and less pain. Each is dipped in a cellulose acetate and petrolatum emulsion. This prevents liquid pooling around the wound. Promogran Prisma Ag is made up of 55% collagen, 44% oxidized regenerated cellulose and 1% ORC/silver. The wound healing process gets a kickstart with this non-adherent dressing. When exudate mixes with the dressing, it becomes soft and conforms to the skin. Promogran is also made up of collagen and ORC, but comes without the ORC/silver.

Express Medical Supply has what you need for treatment of wounds, from alginate dressings, which are derived from algae and seaweeds to foam wound dressings, which are a good choice when there is moderate to heavy exudate.

We carry additional non-adherent dressings in our medical supply store. Telfa is a highly-absorbent and sterile dressing that is ideal when you have lightly exuding wounds. Telfa is "ouchless" and it won't stick to wounds.

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Picture of Systagenix Adaptic - Non-Adhering Dressing

Systagenix Adaptic - Non-Adhering Dressing

  • Does not adhere to wounds
  • Ideal for most draining wounds
  • Helps prevent pooling of liquid around wound
From: $33.02
Picture of Systagenix Promogran - Matrix Dressing

Systagenix Promogran - Matrix Dressing

  • Works fast and is cost effective
  • Provides the optimal wound healing environment
  • Aids in a fast healing process
From: $19.53
Picture of Systagenix Promogran Prisma Ag - Matrix Dressing

Systagenix Promogran Prisma Ag - Matrix Dressing

  • Helps to "kick start" the healing process
  • Soft and conforms to the wound and skin
  • Provides protection from infection
From: $15.95
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