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Urocare: Customize Your Urinary Leg Bag

Urocare Customizes Your Urinary Leg Bag, Tubing, Clamps
What Does a Foley Catheter Connected to a Leg Bag Look Like?

What is a Catheter Leg Bag?

Catheter bags are used to collect urine that is drained from the bladder when you are using a condom catheter or a indwelling foley catheter. They can be worn on the thigh or calf depending on what is comfortable to you. They are made of a lot of different materials and come in a wide variety of styles. Generally speaking, the urine bag connects to the catheter by a connector attached directly to the catheter or by using extension tubing that runs between the catheter and the urine bag. When the urine bag is full it is emptied by opening the drain valve on the bottom of the bag. Some people choose to reuse their urine bag while others use them and then discard them either after one day or just a few days.

What is a Urocare Reusable Urinary Drainage Urine Bag?

Urocare Reusable Urinary Leg Bag with New Odor Control A reusable urine bag is made of thicker material and it is intended to be used for a longer period of time. In general, if the bag is cared for and cleaned using the Urocare Urolux appliance cleanser, you can expect 6 months of use from your Urocare reusable urine bag. There are exceptions to this, if the bag is not cleaned with Urolux or if your output is more caustic, then the bag can last for less time. Disposable urine bags are meant to be used for around 2 weeks with careful cleaning with an appliance cleanser. What you want to avoid is, using your leg bag till it fails. Ideally, you will replace it before it fails and causes a leak while you are out in public. Think of it like this, you wouldn't wait to change the oil in your car until your oil light comes on, when you get to 2000 miles you get it changed. The urine bag you wear is like that, you will have a better experience if you aren't wearing the bag till it fails. It is a good idea to have at least 1 urine bag as a back up. The best scenario is to have 3 bags at all times. Bag 1 is worn and then cleaned that night, the next day you wear bag 2 while bag 1 is drying. Switch back and forth so your bag is always clean and ready. The 3rd bag is used as a backup.

Different Styles of Urocare Reusable Urine Bags:

Urocare Leg Bags for Catheter Supplies
Standard Wear Bags -
Item # 9544, 9532, 9526, 8532, 8526, 8518, 8509
These bags are what you expect to see with leg bags, the bag is worn down the leg vertically. They are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 9oz to 44oz. Urocare is extremely versatile.

Sport Bags -
Item # 9516, 9510, 8516, 8510
These bags are meant to be more discreet and are worn horizontally across the thigh. This makes this the perfect leg bag to wear with shorts or a skirt. They are available in 10oz and 16oz sizes. You can wear them on either the left or right leg depending on your preference.

Urocare knows that to make a urine bag work for people it needs to be able to be customized for the individual. They offer their reusable urine bag in many different sizes and shape configurations. You can wear them on your thigh, on your leg, they can be large or small, and they can work with pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. Urocare doesn't stop with just having innovative bags. They give you choices when it comes to tubing, straps and drain valves as well.

Urocare Tubing Can Customize Flip Flo Valve

Urocare Tubing and Clamps

The tubing and clamps can be modified to fit your specific needs. For instance, any tubing can be shortened by cutting the tube or lengthened by adding extension tubing with a connector. Even some of the clamps can be modified. You can cut two inches off of the tubing that is attached to the Quick Drain valve and thread it in through the hole in the handle. This makes the open/close piece into a "T" bar which is easier to grip than the regular handle it comes with. This is just one way you can adjust the clamps. There are thumb clamps and adjustable tube clamps, each of these can be used to adjust the way urine is drained from the urinary leg bag.

Urocare offers individual parts for their products. For instance, if you are using their reusable urine bag and your little red valve becomes clogged and needs to be replaced but the rest of your bag is in great shape it is possible to buy just the valve. Same thing goes for gasket rings, adapters, urine bag straps, and urine bag holders. I don't know of another company that allows you to replace and customize your urinary equipment like Urocare.

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