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What Are Odor Solutions for Ostomy?

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Many people who have an ostomy are concerned about odors. They worry that people will be able to smell their ostomy pouch and it can make them feel self-conscience. I have spoken to people who feel so self-aware when it comes to their ostomy that they no longer feel comfortable going to parties or gatherings where they will be in close quarters with other people. Your ostomy is a life saving procedure that allows you to be healthy and active again. There is no reason to hide! There are products that can help you feel more confident. It is also important to know that for the majority of ostomates, odor is not nearly the issue they think it is. What I mean is, you are wearing the ostomy pouch and you think and worry that people can somehow smell your pouch. The truth is, they really can't. There are a lot of people with ostomies walking around and I bet you have talked to people with an ostomy many times and you had no idea! There are some great odor eliminator products that you can use to help with odor if you feel concerned about it.

How can you control ostomy pouch odor?

Hollister m9 Ostomy Odor Eliminator Drops

Before you put on your fresh pouch, place 10 to 12 m9 drops into your ostomy pouch. The m9 Odor Eliminator drops help control odor before it happens. They can be used with colostomy and ileostomy pouches. They work equally well for one-piece ostomy pouches as well as two-piece ostomy pouches. For best results, use with each pouch change.

  • Blue colored liquid drops
  • Unscented
  • Comes in 8 oz flip-top bottle and 1 oz travel bottle
  • Safe for pouches, won't damage stoma or surrounding skin

m9 Odor Eliminator Spray Hollister m9 Ostomy Odor Eliminator Spray

The Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator Spray can be used anytime your room or home needs refreshing. I use the product in bathrooms, laundry rooms, when cooking smells seem strong, anytime you need odor eliminated. I like how the unscented doesn't mask anything, it really does kill the odors and doesn't smell like anything at all. This is the first unscented room spray that I have used that really works well in a variety of situations. My son has a lot of allergies and perfumes really set him off. This has never bothered him, even when sprayed in his room. I should mention that this is available in Green Apple as well as Unscented, but I have personally never used the Green Apple.

  • Neutralizes odor instead of masking it
  • Pump-spray bottle
  • Available unscented or in green apple scent
  • Controls a variety of home odors

Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator Drops and Odor Eliminating Room Spray are a great solution for ostomy pouch related odors. They are easy to use and because they come in travel sizes, they are easy to throw in your bag without sacrificing too much space. Do you use odor eliminators? Which ones have you tried?

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