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What is an Unna Boot?

An Unna Boot may sound like the latest trend in fall footwear, but it's not. It's actually not even a boot at all! So, what is an Unna Boot?

What Is An Unna Boot

What Is It?

The Unna Boot is a specialty compression gauze that is usually used on the lower leg. It typically is impregnated with emollients like zinc oxide and Acacia that promote healing while offering protection for a variety of different conditions.

What Does It Treat?

Doctors will recommend using for conditions like: Lymphatic edema, Sprains, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Fractures, Burns, Skin Grafts, and most commonly, Venous Ulcers.

Leg ulcers are a serious medical and socioeconomic problem worldwide. One type of chronic wound in the lower limbs is the venous ulcer, associated with high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and chronic venous insufficiency in the lower legs.

- US National Library of Medicine

How Do You Use It?

An Unna Boot is generally a 4" wide by 10 yards long piece of gauze. It's generally wrapped around the leg starting at the toes, ending below the knee. The gauze contains zinc oxide and other ingredients that provide a healing environment. Due to the moist nature of the Unna Boot, an additional layer of gauze or bandage may be needed. The Unna Boot can be left on for up to seven days. More frequent changes will be required for heavily draining wounds.

What To Do Once It's On?

It is important to keep the Unna Boot dry, a cast cover or plastic can be used to keep it dry during bathing, but sponge bathing is recommended. Socks and regular footwear can be worn over the Unna Boot as long as the extra dressings don't cause the shoe to become too tight. Anytime an extremity is wrapped, it should be monitored frequently for signs of pain, swelling or infection.
Your healthcare provider can help you decide if using an Unna Boot is right for you  
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