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What is Bard Magic3 GO?

What is a Bard Magic3 GO Female Catheter

Bard Rochester Magic3 GO Female Catheter A female length intermittent catheter can not be used by men because the shaft of the catheter is too short to reach the male bladder. Female catheters are much shorter because the female anatomy doesn't require a long catheter to reach the bladder. The short length of the catheter means it is much easier to design small, discreet catheters that fit easily inside pockets or purses. Bard, formally Rochester, Magic3 GO is a new hydrophilic catheter designed for women that is easy to use and carry with you on the go. Prior to Bard and Rochester Catheters becoming one company, the Magic3 catheters were all produced by Rochester. The company name may have changed but Magic3 is still being produced to the same exacting standards you have come to expect from Rochester Magic3 catheters.

What is Different About Bard Magic3 GO Female Catheters?

Bard Magic3 GO Close Up of Funnel End Catheter

    • Ergonomic Grip - The funnel end of the Magic3 GO is designed to be easy to hold and grip. When you are using a "clean cath" method, you don't want to touch the catheter shaft because that can contaminate the catheter. The Magic3 GO funnel is easy to hold because it is larger and includes an ergonomic area for easier handling and the funnel can still be connected to a urinary collection bag.
    • Three Layer Silicone Technology - Magic3 GO is a female catheter that is made up of three layers of latex-free silicone. The first layer is made with comfort in mind, it is softer to help alleviate urethral trauma that can be associated with frequent catheter use. The middle layer is firmer to make actual insertion easier. The final inner layer is highly pliable so the entire catheter is easy to navigate the urethra and to easily drain the bladder. The three layer technology helps increase the over-all comfort of catheterization.

Bard Magic3 GO Female Catheter Close Up Eyelets/Tip

  • Tapered Catheter Tip - What also increases comfort is the specially designed catheter tip. The tip is tapered and includes four drainage eyelets. Four. The tapered tip means it is more comfortable to insert and four eyelets means that the bladder is drained quickly. This catheter really is designed to make intermittent catheter use as convenient as possible.

What is CleanGlide Technology?

A regular run of the mill catheter is removed from the package and a separate sterile lubricant needs to be applied to the catheter shaft in order to be inserted. For some people this is a messy process that they would rather avoid, especially when they are using a public restroom. CleanGlide is a lubricious hydrogel that is self-hydrating, the catheter is maintained in a hydrated state that requires no action from the user. Now, what that really means is, you open your GO catheter and it is ready to use. It is always lubricated. No fumbling with tubes of lubricating jelly, no opening foil packs, no trying to burst sterile water sachets inside a sealed catheter package. Magic3 GO is meant to be used quickly and easily.

Bard Magic3 3 Layers of Silicone Catheter Comfort Construction

Small Details = Better Design

There are a few small things about the Bard Go that I think are great details that prove these catheters were thoughtfully designed. One, the catheter is easy to open. This may not sound important but many people who use catheters struggle with mobility. If you do not have full use of your hands having a catheter require two hands to open or come with complex packaging is difficult. The Bard Magic3 GO is easy to open and since the funnel on the end is designed to be easy to hold, this catheter is easy to use, even if you have dexterity or mobility issues. The other thing I like about the Bard GO is that the lubrication is extremely slick. The lubricated coating is always ready and works with removal and insertion which helps to cut down on catheter micro trauma. The three layers of silicone are a benchmark or Magic3 catheters and the Bard GO version doesn't disappoint.

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