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Natural Herbs and Their Remedies

Herbs and many plants have long been used for their natural abilities to promote healing of many of the ailments we have suffered over the past thousands of years. In fact most medications both prescriptions as well as over the counter, are based largely on chemicals naturally found in plants. Trying some of the remedies below before you reach for the prescription bottle may help to alleviate minor problems with less fuss and cost!

  • Aloe Leaves are great for treating minor skin irritations, even skin problems around your stoma.
  • Steeping Bay leaves in your foods have been shown to aid in digestion as well as to assist in relieving stomach gas and cramping in the bowels.
  • Cayenne is claimed to ease congestion, aid in digestion, and even so far as to help warm feet!
  • Dill is another herb that is often claimed to help digestion and to aid in relieving stomach gas.
  • Garlic has long been help up to protect one's immune system and to be effective against the common cold, influenza, and even bronchitis. Raw garlic has also been credited to aid in digestion and to guard against other gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • Parsley is a tremendous natural deodorant and breath freshener.  Chewing fresh parsley has been show to reduce odor in stool output as well.  After a meal, feel free to chew your garnish to freshen up, especially after the raw garlic! 
  • My personal favorite for bowel cramps and to aid in digestion is mint and chamomile teas.  A glass of hot mint tea after dinner is both refreshing and helps to deal with minor stomach and bowel cramps after eating foods I know I should avoid.

It is important to remember that these natural remedies are not a substitute for proper medical care as provided by your health care team.  However these natural remedies can be used in conjunction to your normal care and are great for improving your daily life.







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