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Ready For An Upgrade? Try Cure Medical: It's More Than Their Name, It's Their Goal


What if there was a catheter company that was started by an actual catheter user? What if that company donated 10% of their net profits to scientific research that is working to develop a cure for spinal cord injuries? That's exactly how it is at Cure Medical.


About Cure Medical

After a broken neck that resulted in a C-5 spinal cord injury, Cure Medical's founder Bob Yant not only set out to make a better catheter, he also set out to make a difference. Cure Medical's mission is to provide the highest quality products while continuously helping to fund research that could find a cure for Spinal Cord and Central Nervous System injuries.


Upgrade to Something Better

Cure Medical didn't want to invent a new catheter, they just wanted to make catheters better. Cure Catheters are an upgrade because of 3 key improvements.


  1. All products are latex-free. Latex can cause allergic reactions over time. Having a latex-free catheter gives the user peace of mind knowing that developing a potentially dangerous allergic reaction is no longer a concern.  
  2. All products are DEHP & BPA free. Knowing that Cure Medical's products are free of known carcinogens shows their commitment to keeping their customers healthy.
  3. Fire Polished Eyelets. By smoothing out the eyelets on a catheter, it creates less trauma during use which makes it an overall better, safer catheter experience.


Research Is The Key

When someone chooses to purchase Cure Catheters, they are also choosing to help fund research that could someday develop a cure for Spinal Cord and Central Nervous System injuries and disorders. The "Cure Commitment" promises that 10% of the net profit goes toward find a cure. Not only do they focus on raising money, but raising awareness as well.

Cure has collaborated with organizations such as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation,
Life Rolls On, The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation and many other organizations that focus on advocacy, education and research.

"The wide spread use of Cure Medical products can result in millions of new dollars targeted toward research that will develop a cure."


Learn more about Cure Catheters at curemedical.com


Meet The Cure Family of Products

Cure Twist 6" Female Compact Catheter

 This 6" female catheter is pre-lubricated with easy twist off cap.  Each pre-lubricated intermittent catheter comes in a 5 1/2" compact pen style container, about the size off a tube of mascara, that fits into any purse or bag. The smooth, fire-polished eyelets provide maximum comfort and safety.  It's discreet, easy to use and there without drips or a mess.

Available in 12 or 14 FR

Cure Straight Tipped Intermittent Catheters

Cure straight tipped catheters come in either a 6" female length or a 16" male length. They feature fire-polished eyelets for maximum comfort and safety. Cure catheters are always Latex-free and free of potentially dangerous DEHP & BPA.

Available in 12 to 18 FR

Cure Catheter Insertion Kit

The insertion kit contains  includes a pair of ambidextrous gloves, BZK wipe, collection bag, underpad, and 3 gram lubricating jelly packet.  Cure Insertion kits are ideal for use when at home or out and about.  Everything is packed together and is easy to use.  The catheter insertion kit is sterile, latex and DEHP free. Does not include catheter. 



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