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Colo-Majic Liners: Benefits & Drawbacks

Colo-Majic Ostomy Liners for Ileostomy and Colostomy

What are Colo-Majic Liners?

Colo-Majic - Ostomy Disposable Liners
Colo-Majic liners are a flushable liner for ostomy pouches. The liners are intended to be used in closed-end two-piece ostomy pouches. They are made of a thin material that comes in two varieties, one is biodegradable and the other is not. They are both flushable and stop you from having to empty and drain your colostomy or illeostomy pouch. The liner is put inside the pouch you are already using and once the liner is 3/4 full, you take the liner out and then flush the liner and it's contents. The liners protect the inside of your ostomy pouch, so your ostomy pouch can be used longer without worrying about cleanliness or odor.

What are the Benefits to Using Colo-Majic Liners?

Colo-Majic Flushable Ostomy Liners I think the biggest benefit to using Colo-Majic liners is that both varieties are flushable. It can be a challenge to dispose of ostomy pouches when you are away from home. Public restrooms, friend's houses, not every place is ostomy friendly. The liners provide a quick way to dispose of ostomy output even when you are inside a restroom stall. Not all public bathrooms have a privacy sink inside an individual stall and shared public sinks can be challenging when you are trying to rinse a drainable pouch. Another very real benefit is the fact that you will spend less money on ostomy pouches. Closed-end pouches can be costly, as soon as it is soiled, it has to be discarded. If you have a colostomy, that can mean a few pouches a day. If you have an ileostomy, it can be cost prohibitive to use a closed-end pouch which means you have to clean drainable pouches. When you use ostomy liners you discard the liner, not the pouch. The pouches can be reused because the inside of the pouch stays clean. Colo-Majic ostomy liners worked with many different pouches such as, Hollister, Convatec, and Coloplast. If you are happy with your current two-piece closed-end ostomy system, you won't have to switch. You can start using liners right away. To me, the biggest and best benefit to using Colo-Majic liners is not having to rinse/clean out drainable pouches. Cleaning out your ostomy pouch can be difficult and messy. Especially when you are traveling or at work. With the liners, you can accomplish a bag change inside a stall and be right back out quickly with no fuss. The benefits are, less money spent on pouches, no more draining messy ostomy pouches, and the easy to discard fully flushable liners are easier to manage than ostomy pouches that can only go in the trash.

What are the Drawbacks to Using Colo-Majic Liners?

Colo-Majic - Ostomy Disposable Liners (Biodegradable) There is a learning curve, it takes a few times to feel comfortable inserting and removing the liner. It needs to be emptied when it is 3/4 full, if it is not removed before it gets too full, it can be messy removing the liner. If you do remove it when it is 3/4 full, the liner comes out easily, you flush it, insert a new liner and you are set.

The other possible drawback to using the liner is, they are only meant to be used in a closed end pouch. If you are currently using a drainable pouch, you would need to switch in order to use the liner. The liner floats inside the pouch, in a closed end pouch the liner will fit smoothly inside, it may not fit as well inside a drainable pouch. The ostomy bag liners also can't be used with a one-piece ostomy pouch system. So, to use the Colo-Majic ostomy pouch liners you will need to have a closed end two-piece ostomy system such as the Hollister New Image ostomy pouch and wafer. So, the drawbacks are, you have to learn how to use the liners but luckily once you get the hang of it, it really is simple, and you have to use a two-piece closed-end ostomy pouch.

Video: How to Use Colo-Majic Liners

Important Note: In the video it shows holes being poked into the Colo-Majic liner so gas doesn't build up inside the liner or the pouch. This is no longer needed. The new design allows for gas to escape and you don't need to do anything to prep the liner at all. This is a big improvement!


Colo-Majic Ostomy Liners for Ileostomy and Colostomy
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