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Coloplast Ostomy Supplies

Coloplast makes a wide variety of ostomy supplies, such as 1-piece and 2-piece pouches, skin barriers, stoma powder, and more. Popular Coloplast ostomy brands include Assura, Sensura, Sensura Mio, and Brava. One-piece pouches have an ostomy flange connected to the pouch that cannot be separated. Two-piece ostomy pouches have a detached bag and flange that can be disconnected from one another. You can also choose from a closed ostomy bag or a drainable style. A closed ostomy pouch must be disposed of after it is full and is not meant to be reused. A drainable ostomy pouch can be emptied without having to be removed. Therefore, a drainable style can be worn for a longer period of time than a closed pouch.

Coloplast Assura is a line of ostomy wafers and pouches that remain secure on the body due to the flexible adhesive. The adhesive's spiral pattern is strong yet gentle on skin. Assura wafers are available with a traditional flat style as well as a convex design. A convex wafer dips inward to help a recessed or flush stoma protrude out. This eliminates gaps between the stoma and the ostomy pouch that can lead to leaks. Several Coloplast Assura ostomy pouches also come with a built in filter. The filter is designed to allow gas to escape from the bag, preventing pouch ballooning. It also deodorizes gas as it escapes from the pouch.

Coloplast Sensura ostomy pouches and ostomy barriers feature dual-layer adhesives to increase staying power and comfort. Sensura offers both one-piece and two-piece ostomy systems as well as convex and flat barriers to fit your needs. If you have a recessed or flush stoma, a convex barrier is a great option. This type of ostomy flange is curves inward toward the body, which puts slight pressure on the skin to make the stoma stick out. This allows the stoma to make better contact with the barrier and pouch, thus preventing leaks. A flat barrier is best for ostomates with a naturally protruding stoma.

SenSura Mio products differ from other brands in that they are made of a gray fabric material, which makes them discreet under clothing and more comfortable against the skin. If you are looking for a water resistant pouch or ostomy skin barrier, Mio products are a great option since they do not have to be removed while bathing or swimming. The ostomy wafer's flexible adhesive moves with your body during wear to increase comfort. Sensura also has a line of ostomy bags and wafers known as Mio Click. These two piece systems make an audible clicking noise when they are locked together, letting you know they are secure.

It is important to prep the skin surrounding your stoma prior to applying your ostomy barrier. Not only will this help your barrier wear longer, it also protects the sensitive stomal skin from output. Coloplast Brava is a trusted brand of skin care products for ostomates, which includes stoma powder, ostomy paste, and barrier seals. Stoma powder is used on broken or irritated skin to absorb moisture away from the stoma. Ostomy paste is meant to fill in uneven skin suraces around the stoma, which allows the flange to better adhere to the skin. Barrier seals are flexible rings that are placed under your ostomy barrier to fill in gaps between your stoma and the flange.

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Picture of Coloplast - 2000ml Urostomy Night Bag

Coloplast - 2000ml Urostomy Night Bag

  • Latex free
  • Holds up to 2 liters of urine
  • Connector works with many Coloplast urostomy bags
  • Anti-kink tubing
From: $141.95
Picture of Coloplast - Drainable Pouch Closure Clamp

Coloplast - Drainable Pouch Closure Clamp

  • Ostomy clamp for drainable pouches
  • Limited dexterity, this clamp is easy to use
  • No sharp edges to harm the skin, appliance or clothing
From: $4.00
Picture of Coloplast - Ostomy Paste

Coloplast - Ostomy Paste

  • Low alcohol content
  • Protects delicate peristomal skin
  • Works like a caulk and fills in uneven stomal skin
  • Helps to create a flat surface for ostomy wafer adhesion
From: $11.95
Picture of Coloplast Economy - Irrigation Set with Integrated Thermometer

Coloplast Economy - Irrigation Set with Integrated Thermometer

  • Ostomy supplies for colostomy irrigation
  • Ideal for 1 and 2 piece ostomy bags
  • Easy to use and read with bold lettering and a wide opening
  • Ostomy Irrigation set includes: water bag, intergrated thermometer, stoma cone, tubing
From: $42.95
Picture of Coloplast Filtrodor - Ostomy Bag Charcoal Filters

Coloplast Filtrodor - Ostomy Bag Charcoal Filters

  • Charcoal activated
  • Adjustable gas flow rate
  • Deodorizing filter with adhesive foam center
  • Easily adheres to any ostomy bag
From: $7.73
Picture of Coloplast - Skin Barrier Rings/Seals

Coloplast - Skin Barrier Rings/Seals

  • Soft and flexible
  • Pre-cut ring-shaped non-pectin based barrier
  • Provides skin protection for stomas and draining wounds
From: $72.95
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