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Coloplast Brava Protective Seal for Every Ostomy

Coloplast Brava Protective Barrier Seals for Ostomy

Coloplast Brava Protective Seal for Ostomates Coloplast Brava protective seals help to seal the gaps that occur between the ostomy barrier and your stoma. The skin surrounding your stoma can come into contact with output and that causes skin irritation and damage. The stomal skin needs to be protected from output and irritation from adhesive. Coloplast Ostomy has created a material, a whole new formula of polymer to make their Brava protective barrier seals work even if you have aggressive output. The protective seals will not fall apart or break down when it comes into contact with output. They are specifically designed for ileostomy, however, they can also be used if you have a colostomy or urostomy.

Coloplast Brava Seals are Made with New Material to Keep Skin Healthy

Coloplast Ostomy, Brava Protective Seal Coloplast Brava's protective seals are now made with a new polymer to help keep skin healthy in two ways. First, the polymer absorbs moisture, think sweat, skin oils from the surface of your skin, and output. Less moisture means less irritation. Secondly, when you remove the barrier and protective seal, the protective seal barely leaves any residue behind. You won't have to deal with a build up of residue so your stoma and stomal skin will be easier to clean. Coloplast Brava protective seals protect your skin from moisture and they do not interfere with adhesion. The new polymer is a big improvement over other ostomy seals.

No Two Stomas are the Same

Coloplast Brava Protective Seals for Ostomy If you have an ostomy you know one thing, each stoma is unique. They come in different shapes and sizes. Coloplast Brava protective seals come in three different diameters to accommodate all those individual stoma sizes. Three different sizes as well as two different thicknesses. The different sizes mean you won't have to stretch your protective seal to fit so you will be able to maintain the level of seal thickness you prefer. The Brava seal is designed to work for you. If you have skin irregularities around your stoma the protective seal can help you avoid leaks. The thicker seal will help you fill in those irregular areas so the dips and folds don't interfere with your ostomy barrier staying firmly in place. You can think of the thin protective seal as a gasket, it creates a seal all the way around your stoma so your output stays inside your ostomy pouch. Either option, thin or thick, is going to help protect your skin and stop leaks. There are a lot of ostomy barrier rings and seals available on the market today, if you have not found the perfect one for you yet, I would recommend trying Coloplast Brava protective barrier seals.

How to Apply the Coloplast Brava Protective Seal

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